How Important Is It to Reach the Top Search and Web Results?

How Important Is It to Reach the Top Search and Web Results?

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December 4, 2021

Is the hype around SEO justified? Agencies and professionals preach improved web results as a path to more traffic. Businesses have battled for the top listing in Google for years, but is it worth the effort.

In this article, we will explore the importance of web results. If you’re wondering if you should create an SEO strategy, this article is for you.

Web Results Help Your Business Attract Customers

Potential customers often use Google to find local businesses. Search engines like Google speed up the research process. Today’s empowered consumers will explore online choices before making a visit.

SEO isn’t exclusively for local businesses. Online businesses that achieve the top listings in Google achieve improved web results. These improved web results often lead to more traffic and sales.

While SEO is difficult to understand, you don’t have to master SEO on your own. helps clients optimize their content and improve web results. These initiatives can help your business gain traction and land new customers.

Make It Harder for the Competition

If you do not make efforts to improve web results, you will fall behind the competition. Many businesses prioritize the top listings in Google. These businesses will generate more attention because of their efforts.

It’s great to see other businesses succeed. However, these businesses will take away potential customers. People look for convenience and quality.

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The first few results on Page 1 provide convenience. After conducting research, consumers will decide which company provides the most value. If you are on Page 2 for your keywords, most consumers won’t find your business.

Customers may stay with your competitor for years before switching. That’s also assuming a customer jumps ship.

Improving web results makes it more challenging for competitors. Your business will also gain an edge.

Only 25% of Google Visitors Go to Page Two

If you are not on the first page of Google, you will miss out on 75% of the prospect pool. Only 25% of Google visitors go to the second page. Furthermore, not all of those Google visitors will do anything on the second page.

Businesses substantially cut their upside by forgoing an SEO strategy. For many Google visitors, it’s page one or bust. Business owners need to think the same way as they rank for keywords.

Stronger Web Results Lead to a Stronger Reputation

Appearing on the first page of Google is social proof. Not every business gets that coveted spot. This social proof will also boost your company’s reputation.

Google visitors keep coming back because the search engine provides useful content. A higher position on Google tells visitors that your business is trustworthy.

Why else would Google rank your business above the many others? Google visitors assume that your page is on top of Google’s search results due to its credibility. Your website will then validate those consumers’ beliefs about your company.

Ready to Rank on Google?

Improving your web results take time. However, the upside presents a compelling reason to continue with your efforts. Ranking on the first page yields more customers and revenue.

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