Boost Your SEO with Affordable White Hat Link Building

Boost Your SEO with Affordable White Hat Link Building

Written by Sophie Robertson, In SEO, Updated On
February 14th, 2023


Link building is one of the most successful methods to get organic traffic. The SEO Link Building Experts advocate white hat link-building to boost SEO. However, the problem is that it is an extensive process and requires an adaptive strategy.

White hat link building, in simple terms, is any link building that obeys guidelines given by Google webmaster. The policies are set to stop hackers and spammers from taking advantage of SERP metrics.

5 Proven ways to Boost SEO with White Hat Link Building

Boost Your SEO with Affordable White Hat Link Building

  • Post Regular High-Quality Content

The SEO link-building experts know the importance of posting content with consistency. Posting regularly with meaningful content is one ultimate hack to boost SEO with white hat link building. Look for sites that accept guest posts and write about relevant topics concerning your niche. It makes sense to have a business blog to get backlinks.

In most cases, Google prefers users to explore its platform for a successful business. A business blog with regular content will work as a KRA for building a white link. It will allow people to share work. Posting regularly in your business blog is the best strategy to boost SEO.

  • Explore social media

Most SEO experts suggest social media content as it is one of the most successful ways to get an audience. Reach out to content creators or sites creating social media content for your niche. In addition, request social media influencers to embed your content in their posts.

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The next step is to get back to the same creator after one month and ask for a credit link. The strategy will get you more traffic for your social media content. This way, you earn more PR when your content is featured in posts having many followers.

  • Podcasts

Podcasts are another great platform to get featured, as suggested by many SEO link-building experts. Getting a backlink in the featured podcast is an excellent bonus for agencies. Begin with making an independent list of podcasts in sync with your niche. Now prepare a perfect pitch and reach out to the podcast creators. Tell them why they should link your content.

Once the pitch is accepted, the hard part is over. Now request a backlink to the website for added advantage. A podcast proves your expertise, and a trust factor is added to your agency. It means more leads and business gains.

  • Infographics

Infographics are very similar to visual content and use the same techniques. Begin with detailed research to collect facts and figures. Now convert the data into a simple format that is easily understood. There are free graphics generators available that can be explored.

Create images and graphs with high-resolution and quality graph models. Infographics are a unique platform preferred by SEO link-building experts. Data shows infographics generate 35 percent more backlinks than other content.

  • Linking Trusted Sites

Suppose you are aware of the google matrix linking your content to trusted sites. The only way google evaluates your content is by looking at the trust component of the site. Cold email outreach is a great strategy to employ.

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White hat link building is a proven strategy for great SEO results. It is an excellent method for businesses to achieve their marketing goals. One of the best ways to boost SEO in white hat link building is by posting regularly, exploiting podcasts, and not ignoring the trust factor of any site. If you need expert advice or help in white hat link building, we can help.

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