8 Crucial Things That Must Be In Your Wishlist When Looking For A Home

8 Crucial Things That Must Be In Your Wishlist When Looking For A Home

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March 29, 2023

Are you finding a new place to stay? If yes, make sure you take some time to create a wishlist before you choose the house. Your thoughts regarding what you need in your place may have changed during the pandemic. So, now is a great time to think about all your preferences and put together a wishlist for the sort of place you want to live in

While you can always look for places ready to move in, here are some things that should be on your wishlist in 2023.

Wishlist For Buying A New Place In 2023

8 Crucial Things That Must Be In Your Wishlist When Looking For A Home

Let’s say you found a great location with an aesthetic property in Mumbai. Check the property’s transaction history in Mumbai, estimated prices, and locality price trends before you finalize buying it, and have this checklist handy. After all, why give up on looking for your dream place to live, right?

Buying a new place is also a factor of:

  • Infrastructure
  • Accessibility
  • Neighborhood
  • Amenities
  • Popular landmarks

This blog lists everything you need to check when visiting a place you want to buy. Let’s go through each one of them!

  • A Place With an Ample Number of Bedrooms

Families today live differently from what they used to be before. Today children in families consider having a space of their own. So make sure that the place you pick has rooms for the children of your family and guests. If you have extra rooms, you can always alternate them as an office space or play space for children. Else spacing often becomes a problem every time there’s a guest visiting.

  • A Place With A Dedicated Office Space

The pandemic has made all of us realize the need for a home office. Find a place with a home office. It will give you a separate space to work. Here are a few things you can think about if your home does not have a dedicated office space:

  • Convert the empty basement or attic to your home office
  • Try converting your closet into office space without sacrificing your closet space
  • Carve out a dedicated space for the office from a family room
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Do not sacrifice your bedroom space if the place has fewer bedrooms!

  • A Place That’s Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency ranks pretty high on the wishlist of homebuyers like you. Today we are more environmentally aware and can save costs using the best energy-efficient equipment.

Here’s how you can find out if the place is energy efficient or not:

  • It has a programmable thermostat
  • It has energy-saving light fixtures
  • It has WiFi-enabled fixtures like ceiling fans and light fixtures

There’s an ongoing trend of finding places with smaller square footage. Hence, going energy efficient is the key because such fixtures and equipment are smaller and do not occupy much space!

  • A Place With Enough Storage Space

Everyone has things they want to keep out of sight. Hence, choose a place that gives you more storage possibilities. If you do not get more storage space, here is what you can do:

  • Make the most of your space
  • Pay keen attention to storage spaces and rooms
  • Check the amount of space in the closet

If the closet space is smaller in a room, here’s what you can do to make the most of this space: 

  • Minimize the furniture and declutter the space
  • Use well-scaled furniture for the space
  • Avoid using oversized furniture. It will not accentuate the space.
  • A Place With a Modern Kitchen

The way modern kitchens look today differs from what they used to look before. Today everyone prefers a minimalist-style kitchen.

Kitchens today are the center of living. The kitchen is connected to all the living spaces today and becomes a place where friends and family socialize. You can look out for the following elements in the kitchen:

  • Concealed storage and appliances
  • Subdued countertops
  • Simple cabinet doors
  • Expansive windows
  • Space-saving design
  • A Place With A Functional Outdoor Space

Everyone likes a functional outdoor space. If you have an outdoor space, you can utilize the outdoor space as:

  • Cooking space
  • Playspace
  • Theatre
  • Living space
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You can even check if the place has a deck or a patio. It can alternate as a cooking cum living space if you like hosting your friends and family.

  • A Place That’s Well Lit

You need to find a place that brings in natural light. A space that’s not well-lit can be off-putting for you and those visiting your home. Look out for the type of windows in the place as they are responsible for bringing in a lot of natural light. Visit the place at different times of the day, morning as well as evening, to understand how well-lit it is. Lighting does make a lot of difference. A lack of appropriate lighting can make any space look too dull as well.

  • A Place With Modern Fixtures

You cannot opt for a place that looks modern, and has an aesthetic setting but does not have modern fixtures. It will not be energy efficient and might take up maintenance charges later. The last thing you would want is brass fixtures that are outdated. They do not function well, make noise, and are hard to replace. Ensure the place has modern fixtures and gets along with the rest of your place’s look. Having old fixtures can make the room a little dull too.

The Bottom Line

It is crucial you have your wishlist in place before you actually visit the property. It is possible that you may not find all the above-listed things in the same place. Hence, it is crucial to evaluate everything very keenly because it is the place where you will live. Evaluate the market valuation of the property before buying. Do not forget, it is your home. The more it matches your requirements whether your budget or wishlist, the better!

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