10 Qualities to Look For When Searching Through Dream Homes

10 Qualities to Look For When Searching Through Dream Homes

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April 26th, 2024

Congrats on finally making the bold move to own a place to call home. Buying a dream home will remain one of the most significant decisions in your life. With such magnitude, you must hit the nail on the head when purchasing a home.

When buying a home, you aren’t limited to options. But you’ve spent days and nights drowning in thoughts, envisioning your next home. Of course, you now have a complete picture of your dream home.

You’ve got your preference in style, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, lot size, outdoor features, floor plan and more. But considering the amount you’ll pay for the property, there’s so much to check for. But with so much excitement, it’s easy to overlook crucial factors that may significantly impact your stay in the home.

Are you wondering what qualities to look for when searching for your next home? Read more to find out. When searching for your dream home, remember that eXp offers a fantastic option that meets many of these qualities.

10 Qualities to Look For When Searching Through Dream Homes

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  • Have Features You’ve Always Wanted

Do you know a dream home fulfils wishes and not just meets needs? A dream home must have all the features you’ve wished to have in your next home. Therefore, make a sizeable wish list before looking for your home to ensure you don’t miss out on any features.

Don’t forget everyone’s wish list is unique, so you can’t depend on someone else’s. Some people hope to watch the sunrise over a lake every morning, while others hope to see picturesque mountains. In contrast, you may love living near a fitness and shopping centre or a beach.

Ask each family member to develop a list of features they crave in a home. Consider new barn dominium ideas to fulfil many desires economically. Then, take time to rank those features in terms of their importance. While finding a home with the listed features can be challenging, choose the one with many.

In the past, people looked for homes that met their needs. They focused on houses with enough bedrooms for the entire family near their workplaces. Nowadays, it’s vital to purchase a home with a different mindset.

Prioritize the wishes on the list, not needs, if you want to get your dream home.

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  • Ideal Neighborhood

A dream home should have the best surrounding area. Of course, you can’t dream of having a home in an area with noisy, disrespectful and unfriendly neighbours. Or wish to live in an insecure place with a high crime rate.

With that in mind, it’s necessary to research more about the neighborhood before buying a home. If possible, take a drive and spend some time there.

When evaluating a neighbourhood, you can look for several things. These include good schools, exclusive restaurants and bars, and quality outdoor spaces. You can also consider the appearance of the surrounding homes and the neighbours.

Before searching for your dream home, have a clear picture of the desired neighbourhood. Make a list of all the things you wouldn’t want to miss in your surroundings. This will help you focus only on homes that’ll fulfil your wishes and make you comfortable.

If you want to walk to a coffee shop every morning without contending with noisy neighbours, don’t be afraid to list it. And if you crave a peaceful one with exclusive restaurants that offer different cuisines, include it in your list. Whatever your heart yearns for should be on the top of your list.

  • Good Lot’s Location and Size

A lot comes as an afterthought when buying a home, but it should be at the forefront of the buyer’s mind. It’s among the things that can’t be altered after a property is bought. For this reason, you should be meticulous in finding a home built on a lot with the best location and colossal size.

To determine whether a home is on a good lot size, find out if you can knock it down and build it from scratch on the same lot. Also, consider whether it has a big backyard where your kids can run around while playing. Your dream home should be on a lot that gives you an opportunity for expansion in the future.

While evaluating the lot size and location, ensure it’s the most suitable for your wishes and needs. If anything about it looks like a compromise, don’t hesitate to look for other options. Look for a similar property on a better lot that doesn’t limit you from achieving any of your dreams.

  • It’s Modernized

When buying your dream home, remember that age makes a huge difference. Features of homes built a long time ago are different from those of brand-new ones. Besides satisfying your needs, modern homes are built and customized to match even the newest trends in technology.

Modern houses have top-class interior layouts and unique features like;

  • Great landscaping with a low-maintenance lawn made up of minimum-shedding plants
  • A two-door garage where you can convert the other garage into a utility room or a workshop if it has no use
  • Energy-saving fixtures and appliances
  • Outdoor living area that extends from the interior out, having quality furniture and decor
  • Ensuite bedrooms, each with its bathroom and all other necessary amenities
  • Master-bedroom walk-in-closets and ample storage space

Besides these features, you can include others that you crave the most. The main reason for buying a dream home is to enjoy everything you’ve been thinking about your entire life. Don’t comprise any feature you’ve wanted to have in your house for the longest time.

  • Great Home Style

Whether it’s a living style or the actual aesthetic of your house, you want to ensure you’re proud of pulling up to your home every day. The style of your dream home should be perfect because it shapes the first impression people will have about it. Finding the right style for your home is non-negotiable if you want it to have a killer look.

Single homes are excellent choices for people who want to customize their properties to suit their specifications. In contrast, condos are ideal for those who want to own their homes and access hotel-style amenities. Town home living is indifferent: it has some qualities of both single homes and condos.

Before purchasing your dream house, learn the pros and cons of every home style. Then, compare all the styles and select the one you desire. Go ahead and find a dream home that matches your preferences.

After choosing your style of living, focus on aesthetics because these two are crucial qualities of a dream home. A good home should have a curb or an eye-catching appeal. So, as you go about your day, compare all the different homes you’ll come across.

Your dream home should attract or call you from afar. If it’s dull and repulsive, it isn’t the house you’ve been dreaming about; walk away.

  • Right Amount of Space

Figuring out how much space you want is crucial for finding your dream home. If you purchase a house with a small space that doesn’t suit your family, you’ll keep configuring it to ensure it works for you. Don’t forget that a home with excessive space will cover huge costs.

When thinking about your dream home, don’t forget about the space you’d want to have in the future. Think about the current space you’re living in. Is it a perfect fit for your family and your valuable belongings?

If it isn’t, ask yourself how much space needs to be added to make it perfect for your needs. This will help you know the space you need in your dream home. It must provide you with an opportunity to accomplish all your plans.

If you consider expanding your family, your dream house should have an extra room. Ideally, you want a home that allows you to grow without going overboard.

  • Has a Layout You Love

Not all square footage is equally created. For this reason, floor planning becomes vital when choosing your dream house layout. If you compare two houses that are 3000 square feet, one might have huge space for living and the other for bedrooms.

However, it’s possible to redesign your home’s floor plan after moving in. However, a home renovation project requires a huge commitment of money and time. Unless you’ve built experience, this task will require you to hire a skilled interior designer.

To avoid this, purchase your dream house with a Milan Design+Build. If possible, picture yourself using the space as you inspect the property. Also, figure out what you intend to do over the years you’ll spend in that house.

Your dream house should have an open-concept plan if you love hosting a family holiday party yearly. It’ll give your guests plenty of room to roam. A traditional layout is better if your family members relish having their private rooms.

A dream house must have a close-to or perfect layout for you and your family.

  • Gives Chance For Future Projects

Even your best home will require some customization at some point. If you’ve been hoping for a chef-style kitchen and a poolside backyard oasis, you must ensure your home has them. Your dream home should allow you to make changes that match the latest trends.

When buying your dream house, it’s wise to consider the customization you plan on doing on your property. If you know you are linking your home repeatedly, ensure your investment will accommodate it. Also, consider whether you plan to undertake small or big projects.

Whatever your future project is, your dream house should perfectly accommodate it. If you find out, you can’t avoid it and look for better options.

A dream home offers room to transform it so that you can realize your dreams.

  • It’s Cost-effective

Cost isn’t a fun factor to consider when considering your home’s aesthetics and upgrades. But if you overlook it, you might not get your dream home. An ideal house shouldn’t make you overrun your budget when upgrading it.

Your dream home must be in a stable condition or have a few damages that require more minor repairs. When buying your home, you’ll have so many costs to pay, so you don’t want to add more burden to yourself. A dream home should enhance your happiness and relaxation but not put you in financial distress.

The costs you incur while purchasing your home shouldn’t outweigh the benefits you expect to reap from it. The taxes, utility costs, and mortgage payments should be less than the rewards associated with your home. If otherwise, scratch that house from your options because it isn’t your dream home.

  • Has Compromises You Can Handle

As important as taking note of features you’d want to have in your dream home, it’s equally paramount to identify those that can make you miserable. That way, you’ll focus on looking for a home with your best qualities and try to avoid those you dislike.

For instance, if you can’t stand living on top of your neighbours, you’ll focus on getting a less populated house to have your own space. Also, if you dislike repairing a swimming pool, you can avoid houses with them even if they have all other features.

As a rule of thumb, if you spend more time handling undesirable aspects of your home instead of good qualities, walk away. This is because that compromise is too much and not worth it. A dream home should have fewer compromises than you can handle.

These Are the Top Qualities of Dream Homes

Finding your dream home can be exciting but a walk in the park. There are many homes for sale you’ll come across during your search. That means you can easily be confused if you don’t know what to look for in a dream home.

To lessen your task of finding your ideal home, read the above qualities of dream homes.

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