Munbyn P941 Label Printer 2.0 Review

Munbyn P941 Label Printer 2.0 Review

Written by Kenneth Sawyer, In Printer, Published On
October 2, 2023

The Munbyn shipping label printer ($199.99), labelled P941 on some Amazon sites and ITPP941 on others, is designed for small enterprises and individuals who need to create 4-by-6-inch shipping labels. It doesn’t have label software or other notable features. The Arkscan 2054A-LAN is a better label printer, but the Munbyn prints from online shipping platforms and is speedy, making it worth considering.

Munbyn P941 Label Printer 2.0 Specficication

What we like

  • Compact and small
  • Very easy setup
  • Printer (needs thermal paper or labels)
  • This device requires no ink, toner, or ribbon and can accommodate label widths from 1.6″ to 4.1″.
  • Suitable for printing shipping labels on Windows and Mac machines.

What we hate

  • Without Wi-Fi for Wireless Printing (Accessory Available)
Type Printer Only
Color or Monochrome Monochrome
Connection Type USB
Direct Printing From Media Cards NO
Cost Per Page (Monochrome) 4 cents for 4-by-6 label
Rated Speed at Default Settings (Mono) 150 mm/sec / 5.9ips
Number of Ink Colors 1
Maximum Standard Paper Size 4.3-inches wide, roll or stack

Setting Up Procedure

  1. Setting up the printer is easy. Connect the printer’s power and USB cables. Also, insert the USB thumb drive (or open the driver folder if downloaded online). Toggle the printer’s back switch to turn it on and install the driver. Simply follow the onscreen directions to complete the operation.
  2. After installing the driver, insert the paper and let the printer learn it. Lift the top cover and insert the thermal paper with the printed information facing up. Adjust the holder to grab the paper exactly as you want it. Make sure some paper crosses the bottom roller. Close the cover.
  3. Now we must calibrate. This step ensures the printer accurately recognises the paper size and prints without errors. Long-press the printer activity button until it beeps to calibrate. It automatically calibrates the paper size. Calibrate with four or five papers on the reel.
  4. After calibrating, we can examine Windows printer properties. Steps are similar even on Mac. Mac users can access printer properties via the user manual.
  5. Click Start and open Settings in Windows where you installed the driver and connected the MUNBYN thermal printer. Select ‘Printers and Scanners’ under ‘Devices’ in settings. Select ‘Munbyn ITPP941’ and click manage.
  6. Now click ‘Printing preferences’. This opens Munbyn’s ITPP941 Thermal Label Printer printing preferences. You can choose label size, printing speed, print density, and more on the ‘Print Setup’ tab. Long-press the printer activity button until two beeps to print a self-test page after setting it up.

We get what?

Munbyn P941 Label Printer 2.0

Look at the package contents quickly. A little note before reading The MUNBYN ITPP941 Thermal Label Printer comes in Basic, Standard, and Pro. We chose 941 Standard. The three varieties’ package contents differ, so we’re mentioning this. Each plug type and colour has distinct options. These characteristics will be discussed next. Good-quality cardboard makes up the huge red box. Opening the box reveals the thermal printer. We got the white-colour printer. First impressions: tiny, light, and compact Next, the power cord and adaptor The adaptor outputs 24 V at 2 A.


The main item in the kit is the MuNBYN thermal printer. It weighs 816g (1.8 lbs) and measures 11cm (height) x 20cm (width) x 9cm (depth). The lid or cover has two buttons. One opens the lid, and the other activates the printer (red or green, depending on status). The top cover opens when you push the ‘open’ button, revealing the print head and paper insert. Two holders hold paper from both sides. The holders are adjustable to fit the thermal paper’s width. The printer has power and USB connections on the back. The back has an on/off switch. Use only the high-quality power cord and adapter provided. The power adaptor is 48W (24V at 2A). To use the printer, install the drivers on the USB flash drive. On the official support webpage, we located a newer driver than the one on the thumb drive. We downloaded the current driver from the internet, but the thumb drive with all the drivers and PDFs is nice. The only way to connect the printer to a Mac without USB-A ports is to use the USB-C to USB-A converter.


Munbyn P941 Label Printer 2.0

Munbyn ITPP941 direct thermal printer Thermal printers don’t need ink or toner. It only needs direct thermal paper or a label. When buying labels for this printer, seek “direct ‘thermal dhesive.” The print head in direct thermal printing is quite hot. Thermal paper darkens when the print head heats it, depending on the pattern. This printer produces comprehensive labels that work with Amazon, eBay, FedEx, Shopify, UPS, ShipStation, ShipEasy, Shippo, Shipwire, and others. The MUNBYN ITPP941 Thermal Label Printer’s key benefit is no ink or toner cartridges. You only need a roll or bunch of direct-thermal paper. Also, Munbyn’s thermal label printer is USB-only. For Wi-Fi, you need a MUNBYN adaptor. Wi-Fi is unfortunate not to be standard. The printer has one button (‘open’) that releases the cover latch. It has many functions, and the button’s bi-colour LED shows printer status.


The Munbyn Thermal Printer comes with a 4″ x 6″ label, but you can use smaller labels to print barcodes or logo stickers. Printout intensity and contrast can also be adjusted. Open the ‘Printing preferences’ section and create a custom label size in the Stock section to customise these. Right next to it are print speed and density settings. Calibration for new paper sizes is crucial for personalised labels. Without calibration, the printer may not print properly or have alignment issues.


Munbyn P941 Label Printer 2.0

The MUNBYN ITPP941 Thermal Label Printer costs $149 to $175, depending on the model (Basic, Standard, or Pro). As a thermal printer, you only need thermal papers and no ink or toner. This product is well-priced and requires little investment. Since the thermal paper or label is standard, you can buy it from MuNBYN or Amazon.

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