WhatsApp Free Storage Ends in 2024: What Is Going To Happen Now?

WhatsApp Free Storage Ends in 2024: What Is Going To Happen Now?

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January 2, 2024

The free chat backup feature of WhatsApp, which has been popular for a long time, will be discontinued in 2024. Now everyone is asking: What does that imply? Read on to learn more

WhatsApp Free Storage Ends

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The free WhatsApp chat backup deadline is drawing nearer by the day now that 2024 has begun. Everyone knows that starting in early 2024, your Google Drive storage will start to include data from WhatsApp, and the messaging service has been dropping signals about upcoming changes for the past few months.

Read the post that a user shares:

The free Google Drive storage space that WhatsApp, a social media app owned by Meta, provided to Android users to save their chat history, media files, and more is being discontinued. Users will soon be prompted to choose between adding WhatsApp data held on Google Drive to their 15GB storage limit or subscribing to Google One as a result of the new adjustments.

After successfully updating to the most recent WhatsApp beta on Android, we saw that the notification is now appearing in the chat backups area of WhatsApp’s settings. According to the latest pop-up, your Google Drive storage will begin to be used for WhatsApp backups in the coming months. The warning has already started to appear to the beta users.

Users can see exactly how much space their WhatsApp data is using up with the help of the app’s storage review feature. However, WhatsApp doesn’t restrict your choices; it even offers to utilize the WhatsApp Chat Transfer feature to move conversations across Android devices if you’d instead not back them up to your Google account.

Neither WhatsApp nor Google have explained the changes, but it’s safe to assume that Google has concluded that offering free cloud storage is no longer viable due to the massive user base of WhatsApp. If customers have available capacity inside their Google Account’s 15GB of free cloud storage or any additional bought storage, like Google One, they can continue backing up their data without extra charges.

To get 100 GB of cloud storage and other perks, Google has been encouraging other users to join up for its commercial services. Plans are available for up to 2 terabytes. However, those with heavy cloud storage needs typically choose the more affordable options. We’ll be here to assist you in checking your WhatsApp storage settings and keep a watch on when the changes are set to take effect.

How can I control the amount of space on WhatsApp that doesn’t require a Google One subscription?

Even though subscribing to Google One is the clear alternative for WhatsApp users with more storage than the 15GB restriction, the firm is still providing the option to move these files between Android devices. If you’re not a fan of having your WhatsApp conversations saved to your Google account, you can quickly transfer them to your new Android device by using the chat transfer option.

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