The Shocking Case of Bahsid Mclean/ Bahsid McLean Selfie

The Shocking Case of Bahsid Mclean/ Bahsid McLean Selfie

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December 9, 2023

People say that the most disturbed among us can do unimaginably horrific deeds. But what Bahsid McLean did in February of 2013 perhaps transcends the most significant thresholds of horror that we can conjure. Bahsid McLean, a resident of Bronx, New York, was shot to meteoric infamy for the murder of his mother, Tanya Byrd. The tragic incident shocked many. It also managed to raise questions about the mental sanity and motives of the accused, now convicted. As this article progresses, you will get acquainted with the disturbed fellow, Bahsid McLean, and an account of his crime that goes beyond rhyme and reason.

Bahsid Mclean/ Bahsid McLean Selfie: A Disturbed Soul with a Troubled Life

Bahsid Mclean- Bahsid McLean

Almost all psychologists agree that our backgrounds, the neighborhoods we grow up in, the environment at home, etc., have a massive role in shaping who we become in our later lives. Bahsid is no exception. He grew up in the Bronx, one of the most crowded and bustling neighborhoods in New York City. Historically, the Bronx is known to have high crime rates and an all-around volatile environment. Survival in the Bronx is a daily challenge. While the primarily African-American population in the Bronx mostly lives in squalor and abject poverty, it is not hard to imagine the kind of obstacles Bahsid may have had to overcome in his journey of growing up. All of the pressure in managing to get by and hanging on to life by a thread could have contributed to clouding Bahsid’s mental health to a large extent.

The Heinous Act of Bahsid Mclean/ Bahsid McLean Selfie

Tanya Byrd was Bahsid’s mother. People in the community knew her as a loving, cheerful person who was also a great mother. In February of 2013, she met her end through her son, who murdered her brutally. This shocking and horrifying crime does not hold back on the gore. Quite naturally, the community was shocked to the core at the sheer gruesomeness of the murder. Whispers and rumors of Bahsid being mentally unhinged or thoroughly disturbed began circulating right around that time among the members of the community, especially those who knew the family closely.

The Lengthened Trial and Conviction (At Last)

The discovery of Tanya Byrd’s body led to law enforcement beginning its investigation of the horrible murder. Bahsid was arrested right away, thanks to a disturbing piece of detail regarding the murder: a selfie. Over the years, the selfie of Bahsid posing with his mother’s head after murdering her made the rounds on various social media platforms. Most were taken down because many people reported the image as triggering and disrespectful. It resurfaced throughout the entire trial period, which lasted for a decade.

The defense, of course, wasted no time in putting forth the plea of insanity for Bahsid and urged the court to consider his mental health. However, when met with the overwhelming amount of evidence from the prosecution, it was established beyond a doubt that Bahsid was the sole perpetrator of the terrible crime. He was eventually convicted of the murder of Tanya Byrd and sentenced to 23 years of imprisonment.

Criminal Justice and Mental Health: Time for Reforms?

Bahsid Mclean/ Bahsid McLean Selfie case and its aftermath are important examples of how mental health is often ignored in modern society. Through the course of the trial and as it unfolded, Bahsid’s attorney could be seen arguing along the lines of his unstable mental health conditions. The defense pleaded time and again to the court that the matter be taken into consideration. One might infer that had that been the case, the trial outcomes could have been starkly different.

The course of the trial revealed the sorry state of affairs the legal system upholds when it comes to the mental health of the accused. Sure, the evidence against the accused should be given plenty of importance. However, the mental health conditions of the accused also needed to be addressed by the court for it to stand a chance of being a fair trial for a horrific crime by a severely disturbed individual. Maybe it is time to look hard into the facts presented in the case and rethink how the criminal justice system decides to treat those afflicted with severe mental health issues.

Wrapping Up

Two things have risen as veritable facts from the Bahsid Mclean/ Bahsid McLean Selfie. One, the crime committed by Bahsid was beyond the wildest and scariest imaginations of many in the community. Two, the legal system is very much in need of a major upheaval when it comes to addressing the mental health needs of the accused. Underlying mental conditions can shed light on the motive, cause, and modus operandi of crimes like these. Leading criminal psychologists will be better able to opine how justice, in its most accurate form, could be served to everyone concerned.


Q: Who is Bahsid Mclean/ Bahsid McLean Selfie?

Bahsid McLean is a resident of the Bronx who became a household name after brutally murdering his mother, Tanya Byrd, in February 2013.

Q: Why is Bahsid McLean considered dangerous?

Bahsid McLean, after the murder of his mother, posed with the dismembered head and took a selfie. This selfie later began circulating on social media, triggering many and drawing flak from all over the globe. He is considered dangerous not just for the nature of the crime but his reaction afterward as well.

Q: What are the impacts on the Bronx community after Bahsid Mclean/ Bahsid McLean Selfie crime?

The community was shocked beyond words at the horrific details of the crime. Even though the Bronx is the hotbed of crime in New York City, many say that the unhinged characteristics of the corruption served as a wake-up call for many to take care of their mental health.

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