The Deasia Watkins case that shook the entire United States

The Deasia Watkins case that shook the entire United States

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November 26, 2023

What happened in Ohio?

A horrific case unfolded in Ohio, as a mother killed her 3-month-old child. The mother Deasia Watkins decapitated the child and it was later discovered by the authorities. Deasia was given a 15-year to life sentence on Thursday. At least fifteen stab wounds to her daughter’s arm were inflicted by the mother. Watkins was found in her bed, covered in blood, and the baby with its head severed on the kitchen counter by the authorities.

On March 16, 2015, the child’s headless body was found that evening, and her severed head was found the following day. This happened on March 17 between 8:30 and 10:30 AM in a very quiet neighborhood with no indication that there had been any kind of disturbance inside or outside the house. What took place that evening? I desire to know. I do know that most serial killers are typically between the ages of thirty and forty. However, you never know. Please share your theory with us if you have one.

In March 2015, Deasia Watkins entered a guilty plea for Jayniah Watkins’s death. She expressed to a Hamilton County judge her abiding love for her child. A prior plea of not guilty by insanity to aggravated murder was entered by Deasia Watkins. After receiving a mental health treatment order, it was eventually decided that she was competent to face trial.

When police arrived at a 911 call on March 16, 2015, they found the baby, who had been decapitated, on the kitchen counter of an aunt who was temporarily taking care of it. According to the authorities, the infant had multiple stab wounds from a large chef’s knife. Her arm was broken, too. Authorities stated that Deasia Watkins had given the baby the knife.

The Cincinnati Enquirer was told in court by Hamilton County Assistant Prosecutor David Prem, “She later told officers she did it so people would assume the child did it, not her.”

What was wrong with the mother, Deasia Watkins?

Deasia Watkins

Deasia Watkins was diagnosed with postpartum psychosis, according to court documents, and her attorney said during the trial that she was taking medication to treat the condition. On Thursday, messages asking for comments were left at Watkins’ legal representatives’ offices.

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When police found Watkins in a blood-splattered bed at her aunt’s house, they said she seemed to be suffering from “severe mental disorders,” according to county prosecutor Joe Deters.

The death of Jayniah is attributed by Deters and other investigators to a deadly mix of serious mental illness, a challenging home environment, and the social services system’s incapacity to offer 24-hour supervision to every child whose parents are unstable or negligent. Watkins was deemed a danger to her child, according to court records, and had been “acting crazy” and discussing devils when a juvenile court judge gave the child up to Hamilton County Job and Family Services. After that, the baby was given to an aunt for temporary custody, who was instructed by the police to prevent the mother from seeing the child unless social workers were present.

After being admitted to the hospital, Watkins was told not to approach Jayniah because he posed a threat. Job and Family Services of Hamilton County took custody of the child and put her under temporary guardianship, with the understanding that the mother would not be permitted to live there. Watkins moved into the house with the aunt and Jayniah approximately a week before the baby passed away, but investigators believe that Watkins had been living with the baby’s father, James Brown.

Court documents state that physicians determined she was unfit to be around the child unless she took her prescribed medicine.

But when the child’s mother was questioned later, she openly accused the infant of being the cause of death. She asserted that she thought her baby was possessed by devils and that she would survive if she was beheaded. That is to say, the social workers were dealing with a delusional person, whether or not she was mentally ill.

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The prosecutor’s office claims that Job and Family Services found a relative to look after the child and regularly checked on her in accordance with court orders. Deters claims that social workers were not informed, though, that the mother had purportedly moved into the aunt’s house about a week prior to the murder.

Other murders in the neighborhood

In less than three months, there have been two beheadings in the Cincinnati region. A creche provider was detained in January on suspicion of using scissors to decapitate a two-year-old child. During a fight between his mother and her boyfriend at an apartment block across from St John’s University in November 2014, a one-month-old boy was beheaded.

The recurring similarity in cases had alerted the cops and the governance, which has now led to a significant change in the neighborhood and has made the neighborhood much safer than before. However, this one crime shook the entire state and humanity as well.

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