LG 4K Projector Is All Set To Launch With A Weird Handle To CES 2024

LG 4K Projector Is All Set To Launch With A Weird Handle To CES 2024

Written by Kenneth Sawyer, In Tech, Published On
December 30, 2023

LG has been making waves pre-CES with a flood of information on their 2024 goods while most other firms are still digesting their Christmas dinners. This continues today with the surprise release of the LG CineBeam Qube, a unique living room projector.

LG 4K Projector Is All Set To Launch

LG 4K Projector Is All Set To Launch

LG introduced CineBeam Qube, its latest 4K projector. The projector will debut at CES 2024 in early January, but the business offers shoppers a sneak peek. According to LG, the CineBeam Qube offers several high-tech features and a streamlined appearance. A crank-like handle is also present.

Here is what the user shares:

Has a handle. CineBeam Qube is portable. It weighs three pounds and is square, making it easy to set anywhere. The 360-degree handle assists placement. LG calls it “one of the smallest projectors available.”Naturally, the projection is the most crucial aspect of any projector. The Qube displays 120-inch 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160) pictures. There’s an RGB laser light source, 450,000:1 contrast, and 154% DCI-P3 colour gamut coverage. That Reacher episode will shine with these specs. LG webOS 6.0 lets the projector stream Prime Video, Disney+, Netflix, and YouTube. Ads ruin projector-based cinema parties, and Prime Video is poised to force them on everyone.

A tipster shares a post:

Image mapping from the company maps your space and shows an image on top of everything on this projector. Blast the room with a night sky or deep wilderness image for a unique atmosphere. It contains LG’s automatic brightness control system, featured in many high-end projectors. Despite its name, the CineBeam Qube (HU710PB) doesn’t appear like a cube. It looks more like a bookshelf speaker than a cube or projector because it’s taller than broad. The projector’s unique vertical stance may not match its humorous moniker, but it does suggest a young, casual, lifestyle user.

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Its lifestyle nature combines an extremely compact (80(w) x (134(d) x 135(h)mm) and lightweight (1.49kg) chassis with a built-in carry handle that can rotate 360 degrees and give the projector more stability if rotated down to rest on the same surface once set up. Despite its ultra-convenient style, it has fascinating picture specs. The RGB laser light source is the major reason the projector boasts 154% coverage of the digital cinema DCI-P3 colour gamut. Laser projectors don’t require bulb replacement every few thousand hours like lamp-based projectors.

LG claims the Qube can top out at 500 lumens. This high figure for an ultra-portable projector allows for an extraordinarily flexible image size range of 50-120 inches. Any projector that purports to be extremely bright for its class may suffer with contrast and black level, yet the Qube claims a 450,000:1 contrast ratio.

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