Instagram Ventures into AI-Enhanced Messaging as Threads Teases Post-Saving Feature

Instagram Ventures into AI-Enhanced Messaging as Threads Teases Post-Saving Feature

Written by Alison Lurie, In Tech, Published On
February 9, 2024

Instagram, in its continuous exploration of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities since the advent of Meta AI by its parent company, is reportedly delving into a new AI-enhanced messaging feature. Leaked details suggest that this feature will enable users to refine, rephrase, and stylistically modify their written messages within Instagram’s direct messaging (DM) platform.

According to mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi, who disclosed the information on X (formerly Twitter), users will soon encounter an option labeled “Write With AI” when selecting and highlighting text within a chat box. Paluzzi hinted at the functionality, suggesting it might offer various paraphrasing options akin to Google’s Magic Compose.

Although specifics regarding the AI message-writing feature remain undisclosed, it’s apparent that the AI won’t autonomously generate messages within the text field; rather, it functions more as an AI-driven text editor. Similar tools in existence provide functionalities such as rewriting, summarizing, lengthening text, altering tonality and stylistic structure, and incorporating additional contextual content.

It’s noteworthy that Instagram’s AI already possesses content generation capabilities through a distinct process. Users can initiate this by typing “@Meta AI” followed by their message in any chat, prompting an AI response visible to all chat participants. However, the company asserts that the AI can solely access the tagged message, preserving the privacy of other text. Furthermore, it cannot respond to subsequent queries unless tagged. Presently, Meta AI, powering Instagram’s AI functionalities, is exclusively available in the US.


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In a parallel development, Threads, a social media platform under Meta’s umbrella, is experimenting with a post-saving feature. Users will soon have the option to bookmark favorite posts by simply tapping the “Save” button. Adam Mosseri, overseeing Instagram and Threads, announced the feature’s impending arrival, likening its functionality to Instagram’s existing Bookmark feature. Although no rollout date has been officially announced, beta testers and regular users are anticipated to gain access soon.

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