Grand Theft Auto 6 Trailer All Set To Get Released On This Date!

Grand Theft Auto 6 Trailer All Set To Get Released On This Date!

Written by Sophie Robertson, In News, Published On
December 3, 2023

After nearly two years of speculation and rumors, Rockstar Games has finally revealed what could be the most momentous gaming announcement of the year. Grand Theft Auto 6, more commonly known as GTA 6, has finally confirmed its release date in its highly awaited video.

After nearly a decade of anticipation, Rockstar Games has teased that December 5 will mark the release of the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, which is shaping up to be one of the most costly video games ever made. A further intriguing aspect is that users will be able to pre-book the iQOO 12 for a small fee before its introduction.

Grand Theft Auto 6’s trailer released

Rockstar has prepared the groundwork for the release of the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6, so all GTA fans may rejoice. The studio has not yet revealed the official title, but much anticipation has built up for the game due to rumors that it will have the most extensive Grand Theft Auto map yet, as well as high-fidelity visuals. In 2024, for the most part, the newest consoles from Microsoft and Sony will be the only ones to get access to Grand Theft Auto 6, with the first trailer for the game dropping on December 5.

Details about the next Grand Theft Auto edition will finally be available for the first time since leaks began in 2022. Thanks to the leaks, we were able to see how the game was coming together and learn about some of the new features that Rockstar was testing out. A lot of time has gone by, though, so we expect a lot of changes to have taken place in the game since then.

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The official X account of Rockstar Games revealed the news by posting a photo of a Vice City-style skyline—pink and orange with palm trees—adorning it. Image caption: “Trailer 1. Tuesday, December 5. 9 AM ET,” suggesting when we may expect to see the Grand Theft Auto 6 teaser. Tuesday at 7:30 PM local time will see the trailer’s debut in India.

Fans all over the world are ecstatic at the news, according to HT Tech. With over 1.5 million likes and 421,000 retweets, it easily ranks among Rockstar Games’ most popular X posts. On top of that, 58,000 people have commented on the post.

The publishers revealed their decision to release the trailer for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game sometime in December in a November post on the Rockstar Newswire.

We are thrilled to announce that in early December, we will unveil the first trailer for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto,” they announced.

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