The Latest Advancements in SEO Marketing Tools

The Latest Advancements in SEO Marketing Tools

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Marketing, Published On
August 21, 2021

Did you know that 68% of online experiences start with a search engine? This shows how valuable SEO is for the growth of any business.

Search engine optimization maximizes organic discovery, which results in high-quality site traffic. Furthermore, SEO boosts website trust and credibility, and if done right, you are assured of high ROI.

If you wish to increase website discoverability on search engines like Google, keep reading to learn how to utilize the latest SEO marketing tools and trends to your advantage.

The Latest Advancements in SEO Marketing Tools

  • The Launch of Core Web Vitals as a Ranking Factor

Page load speed

Google recently introduced new metrics, Core Web Vitals, to facilitate user experience measurement. Core Web Vitals helps in the evaluation of website loading speed, visual stability, and interactivity. All of which play a critical part in site ranking on search engines.

With the new metrics, you can quickly establish how fast the pages load and how stable they are. In return, you can make the relevant changes to give your visitors the best experience when browsing through your website.

High loading speed and stability are the keys to reducing bounce rate and increasing visitors’ time on your site. This makes the search engines perceive your site as trustworthy and credible, thus increasing the chances of high ranking.

  • Keyword Research Is Turning Into a Big Deal

SEO keyword research

Before you venture into SEO, the first step is to understand: what is search engine optimization? Learn how SEO works and what makes it top among the digital advertising tools.

You will also understand the critical elements of SEO, with keywords topping the list. Initially, SEO experts used to put more weight on primary keywords. But today, secondary keywords are just as critical.

Keyword research offers valuable insight into what your target audience is searching on search engines. In return, you can develop effective content and marketing strategies that suit your niche and industry.

Search engines are not just looking for strings of words to establish the sites that deserve top ranking. Instead, they are analyzing queries based on context to determine the searcher’s intent. The aim is to offer more meaningful and relevant results.

Work on finding long-tail keywords for your company. You need to incorporate creativity, skills, and reliable keyword research tools to find these keywords. Moreover, it is paramount to analyze the keywords’ SERP before using them.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning For SEO


Abbreviated as AI, artificial Intelligence is significantly transforming the way individuals interact with content online. A few years back, Google unveiled the AI algorithm, RankBrain, which plays a critical role in the search engine’s ranking factor.

You will be amazed by this machine’s ability to learn and understand languages. Consequently, you can trust the search engine to offer relevant and unbiased results when consumers search for a product or service.

Search engines such as Google use AI and machine learning to process search queries. They then predict the best results to suit the given searches. Therefore, AI and machine learning have a significant impact on how your site ranks and the discoverability of your brand.

Although no one has clear details on how AI for search engines works, experts believe that it uses ranking factors such as the click rate and the amount of time spent on each page to establish if you are worth the top ranking.

You should strive to offer site visitors relevant and organized content to make your site attractive to AI.

  • The Rise of Voice Searches

The Rise of Voice Searches

Thanks to technological developments and innovations such as Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri, voice searches are expected to take over in some years to come. In fact, 55% of households will likely own smart speakers by 2022.

To rank higher and gain a competitive advantage, consider incorporating voice search on your site. You can optimize it by doing keyword research to understand long phrases that consumers are likely to use. Note that voice searches do better with longer and natural-sounding keywords than typed searches.

Suppose a consumer’s point is SEO and PPC. In this case, they are likely to voice search ‘what are the differences between SEO and PPC’ instead of typing, which is likely to be, ‘SEO vs. PPC.’

Conduct an in-depth search for phrases that content consumers are likely to use based on your niche. Optimize them to improve discoverability.

  • Predictive Search Is Not Slowing Down

Predictive Search Is Not Slowing Down

Google Discover allows users to get search recommendations based on their search behavioral patterns. The AI-driven SEO tool can quickly identify the content that interests users. And recommend it to them before they enter their queries.

Nonetheless, you must optimize your site to be included in the recommendations. Offer helpful and relevant content.

If your website is credible and trustworthy, the search engines will index it to appear at the top of consumers’ recommendation list. In return, users can find you even without searching.

Search engines mainly focus on browsing history, location, and app usage to establish the content to recommend to users. Besides user interest, the search engines consider the content quality and website user experience to select the most fitting sites.

  • Videos for Effective SEO Strategy

Videos have become a critical aspect of online ads. If you don’t have videos as part of your website content, you miss out on a lot.

Consumers would rather watch videos than read the same information on a long, boring blog. They find videos to be engaging, entertaining, and relatable. Ensure that your video content is relevant and optimize its title and description.

Keywords are paramount. And you can get inspiration by checking the kind of keywords used by competitors or content creators in your niche.

Boost Your Business Sales and Revenue With SEO Marketing Tools

The above SEO trends will help you drive relevant traffic to your site. With this, you are assured of increased sales, thus revenue.

Make use of SEO marketing tools to tackle the essential website optimization requirements. These include keyword optimization, link-building, and on-site SEO, to mention a few.

For more tips, guides and trends, keep refreshing our site for updates.

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