How to Manage Instagram Followers Effectively and Efficiently?

How to Manage Instagram Followers Effectively and Efficiently?

Written by Sophie Robertson, In Marketing, Updated On
May 13th, 2024

Recently, your account has had various followers because of an Instagram campaign or other reasons behind this success. Whatever the cause of the successful growth of your account, this is a time to get Instagram followers efficiently.

There are a few incredible tips to hold the marketing funnel phase and maintain IG followers at every stage. IG followers don’t come to form one point. Manage them with expertise without losing them.

Incredible tips for managing IG followers professionally

All these tips are remarkably efficient for maintaining the growth of your account.

Approach right audience

  • The audience is a considerable asset for retailers, businesses, and influencers, regardless of the intention of social media.
  •  Therefore, you can use IG analytics to determine your followers’ location, gender, and age factor.
  • Besides, take enough time to study your audience. When you know about your users, you can reach them.
  •  Respond to followers who directly message you about your content. This doesn’t mean opening individual users’ accounts and knowing their interests.
  • You can take a general idea about followers and set your road to run your favourite audience.
  • Despite all factors, you cannot hit the right audience. Try to compare the analysis of your competitors and determine which policy factors are ranking up.

Post creative content

Manage Instagram Followers

Once you know your audience, post their favourite content. Innovative content can attract more followers to like, comment, and share your post.

A high-resolution picture is impressive, but you cannot post it daily because doing so will bore your audience, and you cannot afford it when you have good access to your asset.

However, asking your audience for more engagement with your post is simple. Attracting good followers is not enough; you need to maintain your audience’s engagement effectively.

Respond to messages and comments.

Respond to your direct message and comments immediately because followers expect your reply within one hour.

It will remind your followers that you care about them, not because of a brand. So, send a message through social media, and don’t need to prompt a response if multiple users have the same question.

Often, brands send messages to their followers with informative replies. Sometimes, they send a few emojis that express their feelings. But most of the time, a brand likes the comments of followers.

Pin exciting comments

  • Mostly, the top comments have different arrangements on Instagram for the individual user.
  • Perhaps top comments are favourite comments or sometimes a friend’s comment. If you pin comments, your audience will get the first comment. Follow these steps for pin IG comments.
  • First, open the comment section of your post and explore the specific comment you want to pin. Click the thumbtack icon to pin the IG comment to your post.
  • Besides, you can pin the most asked question and reply with an answer to the entire audience. When you open an account, every follower will see it.

Utilize saved response

Manage Instagram Followers

If you get the same question on your post, Instagram has a feature to reply conveniently by using a saved response. You can quickly respond with a simple technique. Follow these steps to set a saved response on Instagram.

First, you must use business Instagram, click your profile, and open the menu from the top of the screen.

Go to settings, and choose ‘creator’ and ‘Saved reply’. You can also select a shortcut for a reply. When you press a specific key, Instagram shows a popular message inquiry.

Limit bots, spam, and trolls.

This is among almost all social media platforms’ worst and most annoying parts.

However, not only do spam and trolls annoy you, but they also hurt your brand’s reputation among your followers.

Therefore, you need to ensure that your Instagram account is full of positive expressions, as this builds a positive impression of a brand.

  • Delete frequent moderate comments that troll your profile and look like bots.
  • Report specific users with wrong comments.
  • Make a policy for your social media and prepare your team for how to manage trolls.

Besides, Instagram has a feature to hide rude comments on your post and needs the following steps.

  • Open account settings
  • Choose privacy
  • Pick ‘Hidden words

Choose a specific comment you want to control

Similarly, there is a filter option to set and type specific words or phrases you want to hide on your post. You can easily block offensive comments with the following stings.

Open your account and choose privacy. Click comments and type username to block or hide comments.

Plan to follow or unfollow accounts.

  • Remember, following is not always a two-way option because your brand cannot follow followers’ backs.
  • Therefore, consider a specific path that favours your brand. Create an outline of your brand on social media and decide which accounts can follow it. Decide the size of your account.
  • Use the Instagram save feature because it will support your brand for monitoring. In this situation, specific accounts will interact with you.
  • Use collaborative features when interacting with influencers or popular brands that can carry on a work conversation.

Final verdict:

It is devastating if your IG account starts to grow. So, manage your account and followers efficiently and thoughtfully. Don’t waste time investigating individual accounts and practice strategies to handle followers effectively.

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