Do Buying YouTube Subscribers Really Benefit?

Do Buying YouTube Subscribers Really Benefit?

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Marketing, Updated On
December 14th, 2021


YouTube is an American online video-sharing platform where people post many things for others to watch and to get all types of video in it e.g. motivational, emotional, etc. Everyone in the world uses youtube for many reasons, some use for getting popular and some for only entertainment. We also get to know many things from it too. Every channel of youtube has an option of subscribing so that is that particular channel post any kind of video, it notifies you instantly.

Nowadays there is a lot of doubt whether buying a YouTube subscriber bears any benefit or not? Is it considered legal or illegal according to YouTube policies? The answer is yes, it is safe to buy YouTube subscribers. But the problem may arise depending on what type of subscribers you are buying.

Basically, there are two types of subscribers you can buy. One is real subscribers having real accounts and the other one is bot subscribers. Real subscribers could actually help you in increasing views and do not violate YouTube policy. But bot subscribers are fake accounts which actually bring you no views and also violate YouTube policy, once caught there is a chance of getting your account banned by YouTube.

Why we should buy the subscribers ???

Purchasing YouTube subscribers have great advantages to a YouTube channel. Even the most famous YouTubers did this method, and they have got the best results. Buying the subscribers also gives a boost to your channel from which you will become more and more popular. It also helps a video rank to the top at search. We can also say that it will surely help our social proof or credibility. If you have more number of subscribers by seeing that more subscribers think that it is a really good channel. Buying subscribers is one of the strategies to attracting more people to their channel. All buying subs will get you is a greater number of subs equal to the number that you bought, give of taking 5%.

It will encourage more users to watch their visual content. Additionally, there are always chances of getting a  fantastic career opportunity which you may not attain without setting up a YouTube channel.

When it comes to popularity everyone comes to platforms like social media and  YouTube. And when it’s from productive stuff it goes definitely to YouTube. Well for getting too much from some is not bad so just go for some of the videos and buying subscribers to get successful and popular. If we are successful to reach 10,000  subscribers we reach to a bronze level of the most popular YouTube subscribers list.  These are most of the benefits of buying subscribes on YouTube. . Nowadays people using  Youtube and earns a couple of money or you can say ample money, no doubt they are showing their talent and they deserve to be paid for their hard work. But most of the people using this in a wrong way like breaking laws and uploading sensitive content which is against the terms and conditions.

At the end I would like to tell that everything is good until you made it good, there are many benefits of buying Youtube subscribers but at the same time, there some limitations to It depends on you how you use it.

Benefits of Buying YouTube Subscribers:

Huge traffic:

If you are starting a new YouTube channel, it will actually take a lot of time to increase views and subscribers for your channel. Sometimes it can even take a year or so. If you can’t wait and instantly want more views and subscribers and you trust your content is praiseworthy then you can buy real YouTube subscribers as they can increase views and in turn drive huge traffic to your channel.

Create Confidence:

It can create confidence to you as well as your viewers that this channel has a good amount of subscribers’ means it has some good contents to deliver. Even you may find motivation as your subscriber increases. But remember subscribers alone cannot increase your views. To maintain the views you have to constantly post some good content videos. Otherwise even having a lot of subscribers has no use.


If your channel has a good amount of subscribers who can increase your views then your video can come into recommendations for many. In this manner, you can increase new views. If your content is too good then you can get new subscribers too.

Regular views:

The main use of having a subscriber is for a constant number of views. In normal cases, people may not know that you posted a new video so there will be no enough views. But if you have enough subscribers then whenever you post a new video they will get notified and watch so you get views. In this way, you can maintain a regular number of views for your posted videos.


One of the main benefits of having bought subscribers is to create evidence that your channel has good content which people actually like, and also to show how many people are regularly following your videos. So this can help new viewers to trust and subscribe to your channel.

But you must have clarity that bought YouTube subscribers can only be helpful if your video:

★    Truly has good content

★    Is posted regularly

★    Is engaging

Also, make sure that subscribers you buy are real subscribers from trusted sites who support by watching your videos regularly.

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