Why You Should Always Rescue a Cat And Adopt Rather Than Buy a Kitten

Why You Should Always Rescue a Cat And Adopt Rather Than Buy a Kitten

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Lifestyle, Updated On
April 28th, 2024

Undeniably, a tiny kitten just a few months old makes for one of the most adorable things you could ever hold in your hands, so it should be no surprise that usually, kittens are the preferred choice for those wanting to add a cat to their family home.

However, hundreds of thousands of abandoned and mistreated cats end up at overcrowded adoption centres and rescue homes, so if you want a cat, you should adopt rather than shop.

Continue reading to learn why you should always recuse a cat and adopt rather than buy a kitten from a breeder.

You, Will, Save the Cat from Euthanasia

For animal lovers across this country and beyond, one of the most heartbreaking but undeniable facts about cats in rescue centres is that cats are sometimes euthanised due to a lack of funding and sometimes even space.

When adopting a cat from a reputable rescue centre, you save them from such a fate; as soon as you register them with a renowned and reputable veterinary clinic, such as veterinariancolumbiasc.com, you will give them the healthiest and happiest life imaginable.

You Will Become an Advocate for Change

Throughout the whole process of adopting your new cat, you will be telling your close friends and family members about your new exciting addition to the family, which is the best way of promoting the upside of adoption over purchase.

Moreover, posting videos and photographs of your new cat on your various social media platforms and documenting their progress as they grow, learn and adapt to their new environment will inspire more people to do the same.

You Will Know More About Buying a kitten from a registered and experienced bree. It is still a somewhat proverbial potluck regarding their temperament, behaviour patterns, and general personality.

However, when rescuing and adopting a beautiful adult cat from an adoption centre, the staff will have worked with and looked after the cat for some time and will be fully aware of such traits. Furthermore, you will be supplied with a medical history,y and a list of foods the cat enjoys most to ensure the transition from shelter to your home is as smooth as possible.

You Can Still Get the Breed You Would Like the Most

Contrary to popular belief, there are many different breeds and crossbreeds of cats and kittens currently living at rescue centres across the country, and your chances of getting the breed of cat you would like are relatively high.

Adopting a cat rather than buying one will not only greatly enhance and even save the cat’s life but also enhance your own life by giving you a renewed sense of purpose.

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