Unique and Beautiful Shoulder Bags for Every Occasion

Unique and Beautiful Shoulder Bags for Every Occasion

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October 27, 2022

The global handbag market is around $48 billion and has a 6.7% annual growth rate. The main factor driving these bags’ market growth is the increasing women’s employment rate across the globe. Women are turning towards fashionable handbags to place all their belongings within them. Among all the handbags, the shoulder bags are pretty popular. It’s mainly because they are comfortable, well-sized and enable you to navigate hands-free.

Various types of shoulder bags

Even though you will come across several types of Shoulder Bags available in the market. But the ones mentioned in this section are the most popular and purchased. Check them out.

  • Tote

Tote bags

Tote bags are versatile bags. Individuals of every gender and age utilize these bags for all occasions. The tote bags are tall, large, and rectangular and come with two thick straps.

They are sometimes open but also feature a magnetic snap closure. These games are when you need everything except the kitchen sink with you. They make an outstanding everyday bag, commuting bag, or a bag used for barbeque or picnic and require a lot of things.

The tote bags are the most well-known shoulder bags in the market, used for travelling. It’s mainly because people can easily access all their items, and its open nature accelerates security checks.

  • Crossbody

Crossbody bag

Do you like being hands-free, the Crossbody bag is ideal for you. These leather shoulder bags have an adjustable and long strap that you can easily wear across the body. You oughtn’t to worry about the bag drop off, theft or sliding off your shoulder. Crossbody bags are ideal for individuals who have to do a lot of walking daily, like to be hands-free, or wish to travel light.

You will come across many crossbody bags, mostly available in dark brown leather. They are pretty easy to use because the front flap securely protects all your belongings from falling off. It’s spacious and compact and also has a subtle fringe on the side for added style. You can wear crossbody bags with both morning and evening dresses.

  • Hobo

Hobo bags

The Hobo bags are named after the American migrant workers who were homeless in the 19th century. Due to their homelessness, they travelled with a slouchy sack tied over their shoulder and contained all their belongings. These bags are made from drapey and soft materials, which do not support any kind of structure, and they are also available in bigger sizes.

Ending Words

There are numerous types of shoulder bags that are available in the market. They are much better than all the other bags and come in many different sizes. You will find these should bags in different styles, colours and designs, which you can use to carry all your belongings.

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