An In-Depth Look at Kristen Bell’s Body Art

An In-Depth Look at Kristen Bell’s Body Art

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November 4, 2023

More than a decade ago, Twitter photographs of Kristen Bell with tattoos on practically every body part, including her face, went viral. The photographs may have made you wonder if the tattoos were real. You’re not alone. People still speculate about it. However, we wish to remind you that they are not. We repeat: Kristen Bell has no tattoos. (Though some of those would look good on her.) Bell’s 2012 “Funny or Die” skit revealed in a fake behind-the-scenes interview that she has many tattoos but covers them with makeup, so her fans have never seen them.

Kristen Bell’s tattoo count

Kristen Bell said she had no tattoos since she joked about having them for a Funny or Die performance. The 2012 sketch was called “Kristen Bell’s Body of Lies.”

For what is Kristen Bell famous?

Americans Kristen Bell is well recognized for her acting and singing.

Some of her career highlights that made her famous include:

  1. “Veronica Mars”: Kristen Bell became famous for playing Veronica Mars.” The 2004–2007 show portrayed a high school student turned private investigator, and Bell’s acting was lauded.
  2. “Frozen”: Bell voiced Princess Anna in the 2013 animated picture. The film was the highest-grossing animated feature at the time. Kristen Bell’s portrayal of Anna’s joyful and positive attitude was well received, making her more popular among younger audiences.
  3. “Frozen II”: Kristen Bell reprised Anna in the 2019 sequel. The sequel solidified Bell’s voice-acting career.
  4. “The Good Place”: Kristen Bell played Eleanor Shellstrop in the 2016–2020 NBC sitcom. The show was lauded for its original premise and storytelling, and Bell’s portrayal of the ethically dubious yet likable protagonist was well received.
  5. Other Film and TV Roles: Kristen Bell has played several roles in films and TV shows, demonstrating her flexibility as an actress. Other prominent works include “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” “Couples Retreat,” “Bad Moms,” and “House of Lies.”

In addition to acting, Kristen Bell has worked in charity and activism, particularly on mental health.

What charity does Kristen Bell support?

kristen bell tattoos

Kristen Bell is interested in several charity and social initiatives. Her platform and influence are used to promote various critical concerns. Some of her significant philanthropy includes:

Mental health advocacy

Kristen Bell campaigned for mental health awareness and support. She openly discusses her anxiety and despair to de-stigmatize mental health concerns and inspire others to get assistance. Bell works with mental health groups and campaigns to promote awareness and cash.

No Kids Policy

Kristen Bell and her husband, actor Dax Shepard, endorse the “No Kids Policy,” which discourages photographers from snapping images of celebrities’ children. The couple advocates for child privacy and opposes invasive media.


Kristen Bell is a Baby2Baby ambassador, which gives needy children diapers, clothing, and other basics. She enthusiastically supports their campaigns to help poor children and families.

Haiti Earthquake Relief

Kristen Bell visited Haiti in 2010 to support victims of the earthquake. She has also participated in Haiti’s rehabilitation and development charities.

LGBTQ+ Rights

Kristen Bell supports LGBTQ+ equality. She is an LGBTQ+ ally and has participated in LGBTQ+ rights movements.

COVID-19 Relief

Kristen Bell, like other celebrities, sponsored COVID-19 relief efforts. She promoted organizations that help frontline workers and affected communities on social media.

Kristen Bell truly has several tattoos?

kristen bell tattoos

The 2012 Funny or Die video featuring Kristen Bell and her various tattoos was the inspiration. Kristen appears in the film with dozens of butterflies, photos of Steve Urkel and Stefan Urquelle (“representing the duality of man,” she says), and a tribal-style wristband, her sole regret. It’s probably obvious, but just in case: This is a joke! Kristen’s tattoos in that video are fake. A false behind-the-scenes movie was made regarding the idea of one of Hollywood’s nicest actresses being smeared in ink. Clearly, those visuals still confuse some. Though you may be healthy and have tattoos! You’re not alone if you fell for the joke! Images of Kristen tattooed have circulated for weeks. The original video makers are probably as confused as we are by the film’s new audience!

Kristen Bell’s famous tattoo sketch—real?

kristen bell tattoos

Bell’s 2012 Funny or Die comedy may have caused misconceptions about her tattoos. The three-minute comedy skit Kristen Bell’s Body of Lies showed a cosmetics staff discussing how to cover Bell’s 214 tattoos before a day of shooting. “Let’s just say I’ve accrued a lot of ink over the years,” Bell joked as the makeup artists explained how they spent 12–14 hours a day hiding her tattoos, starting at 3:30 am. The sketch wasn’t real, but the phony body art must have appeared realistic, as Bell’s tattiness is still disputed.


Does Kristen Bell have any additional tattoos?

Kristen Bell only has the four tattoos listed in this article.

Will Kristen Bell get more tattoos?

Kristen Bell’s tattoo future is unknown. However, she has stated in interviews that she is satisfied with her tattoos and doesn’t want more.

Do Kristen Bell’s tattoos appear on camera?

Kristen Bell frequently hides her tattoos on camera. The Good Place shows her wrist tattoo at various moments.

Did Kristen Bell remove any tattoos?

Kristen Bell has not removed any tattoos, as far as we know.

Does Kristen Bell regret her tattoos?

Kristen Bell has no regrets about her tattoos.

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