High School Movies That Will Make You Feel Like a Teenager

High School Movies That Will Make You Feel Like a Teenager

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November 10, 2022

There are times when we just want to see something light that makes us think of the normal high school drama we see in movies. We all have a secret passion for this type of drama. These high school movies, however, are not your average movies, and they include teachings that might alter the way you view life.

You learn a lot from them, including how to follow your dreams, have patience, and improve the world. Regardless of your age, these movies teach you to take responsibility, do good deeds, fall in love, and learn to be present.

So watch the movies mentioned below and get ready for a high school student to give you the most important life lessons. Before moving forward, if you are looking for a good TV service, we suggest you check out WOW TV. WOW TV comes with several packages with different numbers of premium and local channels.

Top 6 High School Movies For  Teenagers

  • Mean Girls

Even though Mean Girls may be your average high school drama film, no list of high school movies would be complete without it. The film teaches you many important life lessons in addition to having a fantastic cast, storyline, and acting. All characters, from Regina to Caddy, impart valuable life lessons in a lighthearted and enjoyable manner.

In addition to being very fun, the film teaches you that being snarky is incredibly popular but has serious repercussions during proms, the Halloween party, and the Jingle Bell Rock performances. It also teaches you that accepting responsibility for your actions and remaining humble are the only ways to make things simpler.

  • 17 Again

The protagonist of this film is a man whose life is spiraling out of control. He has a significant life dilemma, is set to file for divorce from his wife, and does not receive the promised promotion. As an opportunity to improve things for his family and himself, Mike O’Donnell goes back to his adolescent years and enrolls in school.

The O’Donnell family’s exploits and those of Mike’s best buddy Ned, who poses as young Mike’s father, are the focus of the movie. It is a lighthearted and enjoyable movie that helps you understand that life only comes around once and that you should never give up even when things appear hopeless.

  • The Girl Next Door

The fact that this movie educates you about love distinguishes it from other high school movies. The story features a boy who develops feelings for a porn star and works to help her leave the business and live a respectable life. The boy puts a lot of effort into getting accepted into the college of his dreams, but love gets in the way.

The distance Mathew travels for his love demonstrates how far people would go for friendship and love. It is a light and enjoyable movie that imparts some important life lessons. Additionally, this film presents a very intriguing approach to sex education for school-aged children.

  • The Princess Diaries

In The Princess Diaries, a socially awkward girl is converted into a gorgeous and polished-looking princess. This is not your ordinary high school movie. The film encourages us to face our fears and step outside of our comfort zones. It also teaches us that we must prioritize others as Mia did and that we are all accountable for the state of the world.

When Mia must decide, Geneva’s future is entirely in her hands. She discovers that having the title of princess carries a tremendous deal of responsibility. So, rather than allowing fear to make decisions for her, she assumes control of Geneva and concludes that we should not hide who we are.

  • Clueless

The well-known novel Emma by Jane Austen was adapted for high school audiences in the movie Clueless. Cher, a shallow and wealthy high school sweetheart who lives and studies in Beverly Hills, fancies herself as a matchmaker as Emma does. Cher starts hunting for dull individuals to aid them when she helps two of her boring teachers fall in love.

She offers a new pupil a makeover who later becomes well-liked, which makes Cher envious. Things deteriorate once Cher experiences her own feelings for someone. The film teaches us empathy and compassion. Additionally, it teaches us to be kind and patient.

  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower

In the film The Perks of Being a Wallflower, a shy and awkward boy who spends much of his time alone falls in love with his closest friend. When Charlie becomes friends with two siblings who teach him what it means to live life to the fullest, he finally starts to live his life and enjoy the small joys high school delivers. He feels more confident and inspired to pursue his dream of being a writer, thanks to the two pals.

Eventually, Charlie realizes that the memories he creates in the present are what matter. However, when it comes time for his love Sam to graduate from college, Charlie’s inner grief is aroused and he does not want the two to leave. The movie encourages us to treasure the present and store those priceless memories in our hearts or diaries.

Final Thoughts

All of these films are enjoyable to watch and contain straightforward but unconventional life teachings. Play one of these films to get into the high school ambiance if you are in the mood for a nice high school movie.

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