7 Things Mentally Strong People Do

7 Things Mentally Strong People Do

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Lifestyle, Published On
August 12, 2022

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Any topics that concern mental health or mental strength have been in the spotlight for some years now. Mental strength is very important, and discussion around the same keeps growing every day. Social media and communication platforms like Facebook or Talkliv are some of the places where you will find some people discussing mental strength and health among other topics.

Please, note that this article is not medical advice, but possibly helpful tips collected by the Talkliv team. Thank you!

How can you tell someone is mentally strong?

Being mentally strong means you can manage your emotions, actions, and thoughts in a constructive and positive manner. When faced with hard situations, staying mentally strong can take some practice for some people, while to others it may come naturally.

If you want to become mentally strong, you will need to practice. Growing mental strength takes time, just as it takes you time to work out to grow your other muscles. For example, you can’t go to the gym and expect to lift heavy weights immediately. The same applies to mental strength — you can’t expect to be mentally strong the first time you are faced with an issue. It takes some time to build and grow. You will need to take yourself through challenges that will strengthen your mind.

Here are 7 things that mentally strong people practice:

  • They are thankful

Mentally strong people like to note down the things they did during the day that they are grateful for. Most people have the habit of focusing on the things they want to have in life or the dreams they want to come true. Sometimes, we all forget that it is difficult to feel the abundance in our lives if we are not thankful for what we have already achieved. Even helping a friend solve a problem or sharing an inspiring quote with someone on Talkliv is an achievement that is worth being grateful for.

  • They say good things about themselves

Language is very important in communication, and above all what you say to yourself and to other people about you is more important. For example, if you failed in a project, what you say about yourself to a friend on Talkliv may matter a lot to the development of your mental strength.

When things don’t go well for you, don’t worry yourself, instead encourage yourself and become more aware of the situation. Tell yourself that you can do better next time. Speak to yourself with positive words. Say the same positive things you would say to encourage a friend who is frustrated.

  • They accept change

How do you react when caught up in a difficult situation? Do you start blaming people or start to complain about things you can’t control? There is nothing wrong with feeling angry and frustrated about things you can’t control, the only problem is, that doing that will not help you become mentally strong.

If you stay angry for long because of a problem, your mental strength will be eaten up. Always try to think about something you can do differently or how to fix a problem, instead of worrying too much about it.

If there is nothing you can do about the situation, then you will need to accept it and the change that it brings.

  • They live in the moment

Meet new people on a site like Talkliv, have fun chatting, or engage in any other fun activity. Just don’t spend time worrying about the past or the future!

It is not a bad thing to think about the future. However, you may end up spending little time in the moment when you worry so much about tomorrow. If you are also too focused on the past or the future, your mental strength will be depleted. People who are mentally strong tend to value the power of focusing on the MOMENT.

You can use meditation and mindfulness to build strong mental habits. Both practices can help you stay in the moment. According to science the part of our brain that is responsible for stress diminishes when we practice strong mental habits. At the same time, our creative thinking capacity will start to grow.

  • They focus on the bigger picture

We are far less likely to not worry about the little things after we are aware of the wider picture, clear on what is essential to us, and believe that what we are doing has meaning. And even in times of greater difficulty, having an inner compass will guide us through the rough patches.

  • They focus on strength instead of weakness

When faced with unexpected circumstances, our brain may shift into a negative state and think things like, “I will never be able to solve this,” “I am not good enough,” etc. We can become more confident if we are able to recognize that this is just a thought and instead choose to concentrate on our strengths.

Even better, use a technique that has been scientifically demonstrated to work: picture yourself handling challenging circumstances with courage. It causes the brain to develop new neural pathways that will help us deal with it when these circumstances arise in daily life.

  • They take care of themselves

Mentally strong people know how to take care of themselves. They usually have a well-balanced diet, exercise enough, and get a good sleep. They help themselves first before helping others, this might sound selfish but taking care of yourself should be a top priority. After all, you can’t help anyone if you are too weak and trying to survive.

Communication with yourself and other people is also essential in developing a mentally strong mind. Therefore if you are looking for a place where you can connect with people worldwide and share ideas, Talkliv is one of the communication and social media platforms that can help you with that. The site can also help you find intercultural communication and see the world from a whole new perspective. Try out now!

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