10 Ways to Get the Most Out Of Peacock TV

10 Ways to Get the Most Out Of Peacock TV

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May 13th, 2024

Calling out the introverts! Have you decided to spend the weekend on your cozy couch watching your favorite movies, shows, and sports? Great! Gear up to stock the essentials like coffee and snacks.

Remember to add a VPN subscription to your bucket list, as the streaming service is geo-restricted outside the US. Hence, a VPN is necessary to watch Peacock TV in the UK, Canada, and all the other countries.

Peacock TV is a phenomenal US-based streaming service owned and operated by NBC Universal. A powerhouse of nail-biting content, the channel features NBC Classic,  Live Sports, originals, movies, shows, kids’ content, and much more.

Its impeccable service and quality content back the popularity of Peacock TV and declare it one of the best Streaming Services so far.

10 Best Ways to Get the Most Out Of Peacock TV

 Peacock TV

This guide helps you explore Peacock TV in depth. Certain brilliant features have yet to be known about. We aim to reveal these hidden resources to make your weekend a hit!  Let’s hunt them!

Check Out the Channels

Have you surfed the channels on Peacock TV? We are sure you haven’t gotten into its layers (mainly because it is geo-restricted outside the USA). Peacock TV is a whole world to explore. Besides featuring content on Sports, News, Live TV, and others, the service offers you a vast ground to delve into channels of your interests.

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So, dive deep to explore the niche-specific programming offered. For instance, it airs Joy of Painting, NBC News, and NBC Sports to hijack your attention.

Alter the Appearance of Subtitles

Peacock TV caters to you to the fullest. This streaming service focuses on the content and the prerequisites that make it stand out. Subtitles are a great way to deliver content.

The channel offers a variety of techniques and formats to set your subtitles according to your desired preferences. Peacock TV gracefully covers the screen with pleasant and welcoming subtitles, from font to shadow depth to color.

Rewind Live TV Streaming

Have you missed the show’s beginning or end, probably because of a power outage, a phone call, or a guest? No worries! Rewind the clock!

The rewind-the-clock feature of Peacock TV values your missed moments. If you still need to catch up on a part of your favorite watch, just rewind the clock and complete your episode.

Search by Clips

Short clips are noticed to be much more indulgent than episodes. And also, people who can’t sit for hours before the screens enjoy the clips the most.

Peacock TV has worked harder to trim the whole episode into clips. You can either watch the clips as they are or search for the episode by typing in the clip’s description.

Move toward a Clear Display

Honestly, the horizontal rows presenting the featured content are pretty annoying. To get a clear display, ditch these bars. Wondering how? You can do it by clicking the whatever option on the extreme right.

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It probably may say “Just Added” or “Featured Films.” Once you hit that button, you will land on the page stating “View All’, which is much better than the splash page. It is more straightforward and more pleasant to the eyes.

Automatically Switch Live Events

Peacock TV is committed to providing you with the desired content and pattern. If you love to catch up with trendy binge-watching, the live algorithm-driven feature steers you ahead. This feature aids in automatically switching to the next Live program once the currently aired program is finished. It makes sure not to let you miss any moment.

Peacock TV’s Free Tier

The free Tier allows you to watch the streaming service originals and other stuff free. Peacock TV doesn’t require you to pay for some of its stuff, such as NBC Classics like  The Tonight Show and the early seasons of “The Office.” It immediately grants new customers access to many of its classics. This accounts for the platform’s generosity!

Mind the Tomatometer

The Tomatometer of Rotten Tomatoes grants authenticity to the content, and people unquestioningly value their ratings. Peacock TV, unlike other streaming services that rely on their ratings, proudly displays the Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

So, check the Tomatometer’s ratings the next time you scratch your head, deciding whether to watch Minions: The Rise of Gru first or Ambulance.

Satisfy your Wrestling Cravings

Peacock TV gets you covered if you are a hardcore wrestling fan. If you have just landed on the main page, drift to the extreme right and press the “WWE” button. Press the button before you open the wrestling ring!

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You can access an exclusive wrestling history and explore the wrestling archive to watch the evergreen Raw and Smackdown.

Use Peacock TV Filters to Become an Olympics Pro

Peacock TV is undeniably a sports Guru! Its sports section is worth watching. Its user-friendly interface and the filters to help you screen the sport of your dreams are commendable.

Without putting you in trouble for surfing channels, filters save you. It is the first guide to help you become an Olympics expert.

These filters help you dive deep into your favorite sports, watch and concentrate, and attain the level of a pro commentator.

Final Words

Once, a wise man said,” The World is your oyster.” Digging out the streaming service deeply to get the most out of it has proved the saying appropriate. You might have taken the ordinary-looking platform casually without knowing the fruits that it can bear for you.

We hope our guide has revealed this impeccable streaming service’s out-of-ordinary side and great value. Give every feature a shot and pay gratitude to the moment you landed on this page for a valuable read.

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