How to Use Lensgo AI Video Generator?

How to Use Lensgo AI Video Generator?

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December 26, 2023

Have you wanted to generate beautiful photos and videos easily? Looking for an easy method to make text prompts visually appealing? Lensgo lets you use AI to make photographs and videos. Lensgo AI is web software that generates visual content from written requests. Learn how to use Lensgo to generate captivating videos here. We’ll also discuss Lensgo’s benefits and how to use it. After reading this tutorial, you’ll know how to make free, professional Lensgo videos.

Lensgo AI—What Is It?

Lensgo AI

Lensgo AI is a free, web-based AI program that generates beautiful images and videos from text. Lensgo stands apart by letting users train and use their media-generating models. Use user-trained models with your photographs to turn text into movies. Lensgo is ideal for creating your first AI video or film.

How to Use Lensgo AI

Producing animated videos with Lens Go AI can be rewarding. LensGo AI can make animated videos from textual descriptions and change the style of an existing video. Follow this extensive Lens Go AI tutorial to generate animated videos!

  • Start at the Lens Go AI website.

Lensgo AI

  • Choose an Animated Effect Type: Choose a text-to-video or video-to-video animation for your purposes.

Lensgo AI

  • You may create text-to-video animations.
  • Choose your favorite animated media—anime, Pixar, or else.
  • Select your preferred camera orientation (portrait, landscape, etc.)
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Lensgo AI

  • Set the clip’s duration (say, 4 seconds in standard mode).
  • Customise camera angles and effects (rolling, zooming).
  • Summarise or introduce the video in writing
  • After setting up and writing a description, video creation can begin.
  • Upload an under-10-second video.

Lensgo AI

  • Write down your video edit requests, including tone and content changes.
  • Create an audio file from your video.

Lens Go AI provides free video-to-video transformations, which might help content makers add originality. This programme lets you experiment with text-to-video, video-to-video, and other animation methods.

Lensgo AI’s Unique Features

  • Use pre-existing or custom image and video creation models to visualise your ideas from text.
  • Personal Projects: LensGo can be used for animation and painting.
  • LensGo’s full features are free and require no account.

Value of Lensgo

Lensgo AI

After learning how to use Lensgo, you may be curious about its benefits.

Lensgo benefits include:

  1. LensGo is free. You can generate and change unlimited photos and videos without watermarks.
  2. No matter their IT skills, everyone can use Lensgo. Simply type a text prompt to use Lensgo and relax. The editor can also clean and expertly style your films.
  3. The delivery of images and films is reasonable. Advanced AI technology lets Lensgo swiftly produce photographs and movies.
  4. Lensgo makes custom images and videos for each user. You can even train your own models to create unique visual art.
  5. You need not always be formal. Lensgo makes entertaining videos.


Are Lensgo AI video generators reliable?

Utilizing the Lensgo AI Video Generator allows you to unwind. Your information is private and protected. Regarding your privacy, Lensgo refrains from the storage or sale of your recordings or photographs. It is possible to withdraw photos and videos at any time.

How can I enhance my Lensgo videos?

Lensgo makes it easier to edit and enhance films with music, subtitles, and special effects. Expert configurations can potentially enhance the quality, diversity, and resolution of a model. For improved outcomes, experiment with various models, adjust settings and employ more precise language instructions.

When does Lensgo AI generate videos?

The complexity of your project will determine how quickly Lensgo AI generates videos, which will typically take a short amount of time.

Is Lensgo AI provided at no cost?

Lensgo AI is provided at no cost. Free photo and video creation is available upon registration.


Free and propelled by artificial intelligence, Lensgo generates images and videos from text. Lensgo enables the creation of customised films for educational, commercial, recreational, or personal use. The artistic assistance Lensgo is not merely an AI application.

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