USASMA Blackboard Login

USASMA Blackboard Login

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September 11, 2023

Are you looking for ways to access the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy (USASMA) Blackboard password page? You are where you need to be. The USASMA Blackboard Portal is a safe way to access the college’s online learning management system. The article states the way how you can access your USASMA student blackboard portal for undergraduate, graduate, and faculty workers. You can use the Blackboard login site to keep track of your school records 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The site is easy to use, safe, and private.

What is Blackboard USASMA?

Blackboard Learn is the online tool and learning management system for the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy. Blackboard Learn lets teachers make online course sites well-suited to online learning and work well with USASMA’s enrollment and contact tools. Here, students in online classes can easily find their introduction, information about the course, and other tools.

Blackboard Learn’s Benefits

Students and teachers can both get something out of using Blackboard. The app puts material for students in one place, making it easy for both students and teachers to get to.

With Blackboard, students can turn in tasks online and use Web-based tools like e-portfolios, wikis, and blogs already built. Students can also evaluate their friends and themselves if the projects are set up to do so.

  • The main place where course papers can be found
  • A central place where you can talk to kids
  • Grade book on the computer
  • Web-based tools that are already built-in
  • Assignments can be turned in electronically
  • Electronic tests and quizzes
  • Self-assignment and peer-assignment

How to Get to the USASMA Login Page for Blackboard

Follow the steps below to access the USASMA Blackboard Learn login page:

  • Please log in to Blackboard at to find your online course(s).
  • Sign in with your Login and password.
  • To see all of your classes, click the “Course” link in the upper right area of the screen.
  • Under “My Course,” click on the link to the course.
  • Use the menu bar on the left side of your screen to start learning about your course.
  • Start by reading the course outline, then click on the course material to move on.

Devices That Work

You can use Blackboard Ultra from any computer, tablet, or phone connected to the internet.

The Blackboard Learn App for Mobile

With the Blackboard Learn app, students can use their phones to check their grades, look at course materials, and do other things. Go to the Google PlayStore or Apple Store and download the Blackboard App to get started.

Blackboard Instructor Mobile App

With the Blackboard Instructor app, teachers can use USASMA to handle their courses, talk to their students, and look at material. You can download the Blackboard Instructor App from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store to get started.

How to Sign in to the USASMA Blackboard App

To get to the USASMA Blackboard app login, do what is written below:

  • After the program has restarted, go to the main menu and hit the “Type your school’s name” text section. In this case, type USASMA.
  • Tap USASMA (United States Army Sergeants Major Academy) from the list of places.
  • Web Login
  • Next page has “Click Here to Login” button.
  • Last, put in your USASMA login information and click Login.
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