Kahoot What Is It: Define, Advantages, Disadvantages, & More

Kahoot What Is It: Define, Advantages, Disadvantages, & More

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September 18, 2023

These days, there are so many interesting resources and programs available online that studying may actually be enjoyable. One of these is called Kahoot. It’s a mobile app that facilitates education through engaging activities like quizzes and games. In only a short amount of time, quizzes can be made and distributed. Using this system, setting up games and quizzes is a breeze.

Explain Kahoot

Kahoot: What does it mean? It’s a platform for educational games. The questions are posed by the creators and displayed on the screen; the students then respond using a mobile device or PC. The program also allows instructors to make polls and surveys. Children can enjoy it in real time and in a safe zone. Kahoot also places a premium on assessing and analyzing student performance. It is not your standard evaluation method. Kahoot allows educators to assess student understanding through interactive activities including quizzes, games, polls, and surveys.

How Kahoot Functions?


A question and a list of potential answers are Kahoot!’s most basic feature. More interaction can be added with the use of rich media like images and movies.

  1. Kahoot! can be used in a traditional classroom setting, but it shines when used in distance education.
  2. There is a timed quiz mode, but you can disable it if you choose. Complex tasks that call for in-depth study can then be assigned.
  3. Formative assessments provide educators with data on student performance that may be used to inform instructional decisions.
  4. Visit getkahoot.com and create an account to play. Choose “Sign Up,” then “Teacher,” and then “School,” “Higher Education,” or “School Administration,” depending on your affiliation. After that, you can sign up with your school’s Google or Microsoft account or with just your email address and a password.
  5. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have access to tools for creating your own quizzes or taking advantage of others’. You could even combine the two approaches by creating a new quiz out of the half a million questions already accessible on Kahoot!

Can Anyone Play Kahoot!?

Kahoot! may be played on any internet-connected computer, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and Chromebooks. It may be used in a web browser, and there are native apps for both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems. Kahoot! is compatible with Microsoft Teams, making it simpler for educators to distribute quizzes and games. This unlocks additional features, such as the option to collaborate on Kahoot’s creations with coworkers, in the paid pro edition.

What Is Its Best Part?


By allowing students to compete against their own best scores, Ghost Ghost turns learning into a fun competition. This facilitates reviewing a quiz multiple times, which can aid in ensuring that the material is truly ingested.


By analyzing the data, you may determine which students and which concepts need more work and then focus on strengthening those areas.


Use any of the hundreds of tests that other teachers have already created and posted on Kahoot! Kahoots can be combined to create the ultimate quiz.

Assess students first:

If you’re worried about presenting material that’s too easy or too challenging for your students, a pre-lesson Kahoot quiz is a terrific method to gauge their level of understanding.

Make use of the media:

Inserting videos from YouTube is a breeze. Students are more likely to pay attention and learn from a film if they know they will be quizzed afterward. Images, and in the case of the iOS app, your very own drawings, can also be included.

Kahoot’s Advantages

Kahoot is a fantastic and useful resource for modern online education. In terms of benefits, it’s a great tool for students. The many benefits of using Kahoot are outlined below.

  1. Kahoot’s primary benefit is that it encourages active participation from pupils. Since it’s a visual and novel quiz format, it’s a hit with them.
  2. Teachers can readily gauge their students’ comprehension using in-class quizzes and online polls because of the high degree of student involvement.
  3. Kahoot has been widely adopted due to its effective elimination of monotony and boredom.
  4. This site has a lot of life and energy.
  5. Teachers might use it as a kind of assessment.
  6. Kahoot has been effective because it has inspired students and fostered a cooperative learning atmosphere.
  7. Since more students are present in class, their work has improved.
  8. The worry and anxiety that students felt before taking formative tests has been greatly alleviated.
  9. These are the advantages that Kahoot has provided to people all around the world.

Kahoot’s Disadvantages

While there are benefits to adopting Kahoot, there are also drawbacks to consider. Let’s examine the negative aspects, or CONS, of this solution.

  1. Kahoot’s inability to easily keep tabs on each individual student’s progress is a major drawback.
  2. Due to the large number of users using the same platform, a stable WiFi connection is required. Otherwise, the plan would fail.
  3. It’s not uncommon for students to become sidetracked from their studies while loud music is playing in the background.
  4. Kids may experience higher tension and hostility as a result of the heightened competition that arises when playing with others online.
  5. Having the necessary technology on hand isn’t always a given.


To what end does it work?

Kahoot! Wow, this a fantastic interactive learning game that gets students excited about learning. Improves students’ motivation to learn. It’s a convenient resource that works well on smartphones and tablets. It has a simple interface that allows both instructors and students to make their own games and quizzes quickly.

What age range are we talking about?

It is appropriate for students aged 5-18 (K-12).

To what specifications does it conform?

The HOW of learning is emphasized more than the WHAT of learning. All of the resources on this site were developed with your classroom’s pedagogy and curriculum in mind. It adheres to strict guidelines in terms of the material it provides. Users can make games or browse games that conform to its standards.

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