How to Choose a Power Bank: Key Criteria for Users

How to Choose a Power Bank: Key Criteria for Users

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April 17, 2023

On the way home, on vacation or even at home we are faced with the problem of turning off the phone and not finding a place to recharge it. In such cases, we are rescued by portable chargers. But how to choose them?

What Is a Power Bank

A power bank is a large-capacity lithium-ion Li-ion or lithium polymer Li-Pol battery. The Li-Pol battery’s operating time is 5 times longer than the Li-ion battery, they don’t heat up during long use, and they don’t self-discharge.

The case is made in the usual smartphone shape and made of standard materials. In general, it is an uncomplicated device by design and operating principle.

Our smartphones, tablets, and laptops tend to run out of power at the most responsible and inopportune moment. That’s why they invented a portable, compact, and reliable accessory.

These devices have higher power and allow mobile gadgets to work in the absence of electricity. They are useful in everyday life and travel, especially when you are doing battery-consuming activities, like playing at a casino lobby or watching movies.

Tips On How to Choose a Power Bank


The most important thing when choosing a power bank, find out the compatibility of the characteristics that the portable device produces with your gadget. One of the main criteria here is that the output voltage of the portable charger coincides with the input voltage of your equipment.

The more common voltage is 5VDC, if you will be charging your technique with a higher voltage, you can not worry she will take only the right charge. The system may not work when the current consumption is 2A and we have connected it to a smaller current, such as 1A. In this case, our gadget will charge for a long time or may not take a charge at all, which can further affect the performance of the battery of the device.


Before deciding on the capacity of the power bank, you need to decide how many charge cycles your device needs. To do this, you need to multiply the number of cycles by the capacity of your battery. Then you will know approximately how many charges your 100% charged portable device will last.

As an example, if you charge a phone with a 3100mAh capacity, with an additional 10,000mAh charger, you will charge your phone 2.5 times or even 2 times. Since there are losses when charging any equipment, you have to take that into account.


When choosing a power bank, one of the important criteria is the manufacturer. Taking a device from unknown brands is dangerous not only for you, but also for your equipment. Since these products are mostly not properly tested, such portable chargers can not only destroy your gadget but also serve little time or burn themselves out. That’s why it’s important to choose brand-name products. Some of the leaders in the production of additional batteries are companies: Samsung, Xiaomi, Remax, Hoco, Hiper, Canyon, Accesstyle, and others.


Power banks differ in the functionality that will be useful in use. This is the number of connectors on the output of the battery, which will help charge multiple devices simultaneously. Standard models of chargers come with one connector, more advanced models with 2 and 3 ports. And they can have different output current strengths.

When choosing an external battery, be sure to know how it charges. There are models that only get a charge from the mains. And those that can charge from your computer via micro-USB. Besides these options, there are also solar-powered devices.

Another feature of external batteries is the function of fast and wireless charging. Fast charging saves you time and it will help you out even in a tough situation. If you don’t have a working port for charging you can help with wireless charging, but you have to consider the compatibility of the model.

Case Material

Portable chargers are made of the following materials: metal, plastic, chrome-nickel stainless steel, aluminum alloy, ABS plastic, and Soft Touch plastic.

The material of the case doesn’t affect the performance of the charger, it depends on its protection from damage. The metal case will better protect against drops, chips and bumps, while the plastic can crack or break. So if you want your power bank to last a long time, choose a more durable material.


So, when choosing a power bank, it’s important not to make a mistake with compatibility because it depends on the result and performance of the battery of your gadget. A large-capacity charger will be a reliable helper for those who are away from home for a long time and are often on the road. The number of charging ports allows you to charge not only your phone but also your watch or e-book. The devices with solar recharging will help those who can not take advantage of the benefits of civilization. All other add-ons that we listed earlier will help you comfortably use a portable charger.

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