Easy ways to check PNB balance -PNB balance check number, SMS banking and more

Easy ways to check PNB balance -PNB balance check number, SMS banking and more

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September 23rd, 2023

There are different ways you can check your account balance as a PNB bank customer, starting with PNB balance check number (1800 180 2223) to call and find out your balance, a bank visit, in this article we will discuss all of the methods in detail, so that you can check your PNB balance conveniently from anywhere, using a number of options made available by PNB.

PNB Balance check number

If you have a mobile number linked to your Punjab National Bank (PNB) account, you can easily check your balance. Just dial the PNB missed call balance enquiry number:

1800 180 2223

This number is toll-free, so you won’t be charged for the call. This service is for PNB customers who have either a savings account or a current account.

If you need more help, have complaints, or want to give feedback, there are separate PNB Customer Care Numbers for both Indian residents and global customers.

Check PNB balance by SMS banking

If you want to find out your PNB bank balance, just follow these steps:

  1. Send an SMS to the bank with this message:

“BAL <space> Your Account Number”

  1. Send the SMS to the number 5607040.
  2. When the bank gets your request, they will send you an SMS on the same mobile number you used for the query. This SMS will show your latest clear bank balance.
  3. Remember to type in your full 16-digit PNB account number in the SMS.

Check PNB balance by mobile banking

To check your account balance anytime, use one of these two mobile apps from PNB: PNB One or PNB mPassbook. Just follow these steps:

  1. Get the app you like – PNB One or PNB mPassbook. You can find them on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Register in the app. If you’re using PNB One, you don’t need your debit card for registration.
  3. Once you’re in the app, you’ll find your account balance in the “Accounts Summary” section. It’s an easy way to keep an eye on your balance while you’re on the go.

Check your PNB balance using PNB One

Once you download and open the PNB ONE mobile app on your phone, it will ask you to log in. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see your PNB account balance right at the top. It will be labeled as your ‘Total Available Balance’ in either your Savings Account, Current Account, or Deposit Account, depending on what type of account you have.

Check your PNB bank balance by ATM

Visit a PNB ATM near you and insert your PNB debit card. Type in your 4-digit ATM PIN. Then, choose the “Balance Enquiry” option. Your full PNB account balance will show up on the ATM screen. If you want a paper printout, you can get that too.

Check PNB bank balance by WhatsApp

To find out your PNB account balance through WhatsApp Banking, follow these steps:

  • Save this number in your contacts: +91-9264092640.
  • Send a message saying ‘Hi’ on WhatsApp to that number.
  • You’ll get different options to select from.
  • Just reply with the right option to check your bank balance.

PNB bank balance, check using UPI

On your phone, open a UPI app and log in. You’ll find a list of all the bank accounts connected to your UPI ID. Choose your PNB account from that list. Enter your UPI PIN, and right away, you’ll see your PNB account balance using UPI.

Check your PNB bank balance with Internet banking

Log in to the PNB Netbanking website using the User ID and password you have. Once you’re logged in, find the part that says “Accounts” or “Accounts Summary.” Click on that to see your PNB balance. Your User ID is just the same as your Customer ID, which you can see on the front page of your PNB passbook.

PNB bank balance QnA

Q: How can I check my PNB bank balance using a missed call?

A: You can check your PNB bank balance by giving a missed call to the number 1800 180 2223. Just make sure your mobile number is linked to your PNB account.

Q: What’s the process to check my PNB bank balance through SMS?

 A: Send an SMS in this format: “BAL <space> Your Account Number” to 5607040. You’ll receive an SMS with your balance details on your registered mobile number.

Q: Can I use the PNB mobile apps to check my account balance?

 A: Yes, you can use either the PNB One or PNB mPassbook mobile apps. Download the app, register, and you’ll be able to see your PNB account balance after logging in.

Q: How can I check my PNB account balance through UPI?

 A: Open any UPI app on your device and log in. Choose your PNB account linked to your UPI ID, enter your UPI PIN, and you’ll instantly get your PNB account balance.

Q: What are the charges for using the PNB missed call or SMS balance checking service?

A: Using the PNB missed call or SMS services to check your balance is absolutely free. You won’t be charged anything.

Q: Can I get a receipt after checking my PNB account balance at an ATM?

A: Yes, you can! When you check your account balance at most PNB ATMs, you’ll have the option to get a printed receipt. If you want one, just select that choice.

Q: What if I need more help or have questions about PNB bank balance checking?

A: If you need more info, have questions, need to complain, or want to give feedback, you can call PNB Customer Care Numbers. There are specific numbers for both people in India and those from other countries. They’re there to assist you!

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