How can I obtain all my Google photos and videos?

How can I obtain all my Google photos and videos?

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November 28, 2023

Google Pictures, which organizes and shares photos and movies on the cloud, is widespread. Google Photos is fantastic for backing up photos, but sometimes you want to download them all. This article shows how to download all of your Google photographs, whether you’re migrating to a different platform, making a local backup, or just wanting to keep them all.

Google Photographs stores photographs and videos on the cloud. As a spin-off of Google’s picture tools, it joined Google+ in May 2015.

Google Pictures stores, organizes, and shares photos and videos on several devices. The service includes several features to simplify digital file management and increase user experience.

Steps to obtain all my Google photos and videos

Start 1: Start with download preparation

Downloading requires a reliable internet connection and adequate space on your device. Depending on your collection size, downloading many photographs and videos can take a long time and require a lot of data.

Step 2: Google Takeout


Your Google Pictures photos will be downloaded using Google Takeout from this link. This service exports data from Google products like Photos. These steps lead to Google Takeout: Enter into your browser to see Google Takeout. Sign in to Google if asked.

Step 3: Select photos to download:

Select data to include” is down the page.


Uncheck all Google services by clicking “Select all.” Scroll down to “Google Photos“.

Check the box to download Google Photos. Click “All photo albums included” or “All photos included.” to change download methods.

Include specific albums or all of your library’s photos. Choose “Original quality” to download your photographs in their original quality.

Choosing “High quality.” saves space but lowers the rate. Select your options, scroll down, and click “Next“.

Step 4: Change delivery and download format

This step involves changing the format and delivery method for downloaded photos. See “Delivery method” on the following page. Choose how to obtain images. Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or your PC can store the files, or you can download them. Select your photo file type. You can choose and.tgz archives and set their maximum file size. Click “Create export” afterward.

Step 5: Let Google finish your download

Google will prepare your download after you complete producing your file. How long depends on how many photographs you have. Google will email you when your download is ready.

Step 6: Take Pictures

After receiving the export-ready email, follow these steps to acquire your photographs:

Click the link in the Google email.

Google Takeout displays your download. Next, click “Download“.


The download will start automatically or ask where to keep it, no matter the delivery method.

If the export is too large to download, Google will split it up. You may need to download each item separately and use a file extraction program to combine them.

Google Takeout makes downloading all your Google photos easy. By following this advice, you can preserve your treasured memories locally. This gives you peace of mind and makes it easy to access your data. Stay safe by backing up your photos regularly, and enjoy the convenience of local storage.

If you are still confused, want to watch a detailed video. here it is –

Important Google Photos Facts:

In the cloud:

Google Photographs lets customers store unlimited pictures and videos for free if the quality doesn’t exceed a limit. Shares in original quality count toward the Google Drive storage limit.

Organization alone:

Google Photographs automatically groups photographs by facial recognition, location, and objects. Using machine learning algorithms. This helps users find photos faster without manually tagging them.

Ability to search:

Pictures can be found using keywords, individuals, or places. Google’s powerful search tool provides accurate and helpful results using image recognition.

Assistance and Automation:

Google Photographs’ Assistant feature employs machine learning to turn user photographs into albums, animations, slideshows, and styled photos. Pictures provide you with writing ideas.

Easy to share:

Google Photos simplifies album and photo sharing. Create links, share on social media, and collaborate on albums with family and friends.

Device sync:

Google Photographs lets you view photographs and videos on computers, smartphones, and tablets. Changes on one device are quickly reflected on all synchronized devices.

Make Room:

The program removes cloud-backed images and movies to “Free Up Space” on your phone. It helps users manage device space.

No Connection:

Users can pick which photographs are visible offline. They can see and interact with their media offline.

Add to Google Ecosystem:

The drive works with Google Photos and other services. People can access their photos from Google Drive, and updates in one service appear in the other.

Safe and private:

Google Photos allows users to control shared content privacy. Users can utilize facial recognition and share photographs and videos with anyone.


How do I utilize Google Photos?

Google Photographs lets users manage and share pictures and videos in the cloud. It organizes data automatically, searches well, and shares easily between devices.

How much is Google Photos?

Google Pictures lets you store photos and videos for free up to a specific quality. Shares in original quality count toward the Google Drive storage limit. Google Drive users may need to buy more storage if they exceed their free capacity.

Does Google Photos work on all devices?

Google Photos works on desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Users can access their photos using a web browser or an Android or iOS app.

What distinguishes Google Photos’ High and Original Quality?

High Quality lets customers store unlimited photographs and videos for free, although they may be compressed. Google Drive storage limits apply to Original Quality uploads, which retain their quality and size.

How does Google Photos organize photos automatically?

Google Photographs uses machine learning to group photographs by items, face recognition, and location. Automatically classifying and identifying photos makes them easy to find.

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