How to get better at warding league?

How to get better at warding league?

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October 18, 2023

The most popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games, League of Legends and Dota 2, were released in 2009 and have evolved from simple, entertaining games played with friends to highly competitive games with a creative community and professional players. Since casual and professional League players constantly endeavour to improve and correct even the smallest errors, the game has become synonymous for average players with learning, development, and improvement. The difficulty of League stems from its strategic and analytical nature, which encourages players to improvise, as well as its unique, yet required, principles that distinguish it from other MOBAs. Laning, teamfighting, decision-making, and warding are the most essential game-defining concepts in the constantly evolving League theory. All of these concepts are essential, although warding and vision are often neglected in low-Elo play.

Warding and vision, two inseparable League concepts, are indispensable abilities that require minimal mechanical skill but are revered as you ascend divisions. As with teamfights and positioning, wards and vision can save a game on the verge. Mastering warding and vision necessitates perseverance, game knowledge, and originality. The main indicators were described in a warding and visioning guide.

What is League of Legends warding and vision?

The fog of war is a famous League mechanic. Champions, turrets, abilities, and wards can show the opponent team’s thick, nontransparent darkness in their half of Summoner’s Rift. Because champions and abilities only temporarily expose battle fog, wards are the most reliable means to spy on opponents. Wards are item shop utility goods that expose Summoner’s Rift surroundings. To deny the opponent vision means warding and breaching their wards.

Warding and vision?

get better at warding league

Fog of War is a popular League mechanic. Champions, turrets, abilities, and wards can disclose the fog of war, which hides the opponent team in their own half of Summoner’s Rift. Wards are the most reliable way to peep into adversaries’ areas, as champions and abilities only momentarily expose war fog. Wards are item shop utility goods that expose Summoner’s Rift surroundings. Stealth, Control, Zombie, and Farsight Alteration are the current wards. Vision involves warding and destroying adversaries’ wards to deny them vision.

Why does warding matter?

get better at warding league

Information value and eyesight control crucial League victory conditions. Smartly placed wards may always offer you the edge over the opponent because you’re already on alert for rotations, surprise ganks, and bush camping, which can transform the game. Warding and vision allow you time to prepare for a gank or teamfight, while deep wards let you follow opponent rotations, locations, and even the items they’re developing to counter you.

Who must guard?

get better at warding league

Warding and visual control are usually support roles. Supports have four Stealth Wards and a Control Ward, but the vision game is not confined to these. Every bit of data you can gather can help you pick your next action; therefore, “the more, the better” applies to eyesight. When you have additional inventory space and 75 gold, buy a control ward.

Ward types

get better at warding league

League’s colours have evolved dramatically over time, like every online game. Since large-scale game improvements usually include adding new objects and removing old ones, the warding system was no exception. So Pink and Green Wards were deleted to create a place for Stealth, Control, Zombie, and Farsight Alteration.

  • Stealth Ward, the novice item, has a 120-second cooldown and stealths after a few seconds. Scryer’s Blooms or Oracle Lens reveal Stealth Wards, which are usually unseen.
  • Control Ward, worth 75 gold, is a store staple. Control Wards are visible and may be destroyed without Scryer’s Blooms or Oracle Lens, unlike Stealth Wards.
  • Rune-dependent The zombie ward destroys the opposing ward and leaves a smaller ward. Zombie Wards disclose the area and last 120 seconds despite having one HP.
  • Farsight Alteration, a one-HP ward, shows a map region from afar, like a zombie ward. Farsight Alteration is available in the item store at level nine.


Does League only support Ward?

The assumption that only support players need to win is outdated. Everyone has free will and should help control their vision. Learning how to ward and understand the map to monitor your opponent is a crucial skill that may help you advance.

What League of Legends wards exist?

League of Legends has four wards with various abilities. Zombie Wards and Ghost Poros are only available to Domination Rune Tree players; however, Eyeball Collection is usually preferred.

Why is League of Legends warding important?

Warding is crucial at the top of the game to prevent aggressive junglers from ganking the lane or to help you capture invaders.

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