These Small Upgrades Will Make a Huge Difference to Your Home Upgrade Project

These Small Upgrades Will Make a Huge Difference to Your Home Upgrade Project

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Home Decor, Updated On
April 30th, 2024

Upgrading a home comes with a lot of responsibilities in a lot of aspects. Be it the types of flooring tiles, the wall painting, the furniture, the countertops, bathrooms… the list is endless. It is almost like buying a new home! It is advisable to redo your home every once in a while to keep it from falling prey to time-related issues like leakage, floor cracks, paint chipping and so on.

Any planned to revamp has the potential to be expensive, but with some careful planning, you can choose specific features to work on, which will create an impact. Even small upgrades like decorative wall tiles go a long way in the larger scheme of things. Take a look at these small upgrades that will make a big difference in your home.

These Small Upgrades Will Make a Huge Difference to Your Home

These Small Upgrades Will Make a Huge Difference to Your Home Upgrade Project

  • Paint All The Way

One of the most affordable ways of upgrading your home, painting is the easiest and most instantly recognisable way to go about it. The choice of colour can make a room look either smaller or bigger. On the other hand, you can also opt for a dedicated wall with tiles that can bring in some creativity, besides colour. However, which one is better suited for your home? Paint or wall tile? We say, both! While you can paint three walls of a room, you can dedicate one wall exclusively for wall tiles.

  • Get Mould Remediation Done

Mould can be formed due to constant dampness in a place, trapped rainwater, a leaky pipe and other reasons. Dark and moist areas are an ideal playground for mould colonies. Mould can cause an unpleasant smell, unsightly damage spots, rotting of furniture, stagnant air, damage to household items such as upholstery, leather, and shoes, and even respiratory complications. Conduct a basic inspection around the house every now and then, especially during winters and monsoons, and have waterproofing experts remove any mould growth for you.

  • Decorate the Windows

Windows are probably the most neglected area of the houses. Not because they aren’t worth it, but because most often they aren’t viewed as a decorative element. They are often paired with curtains to make a statement, but, here, you can go for either window blinds or shutters. It gives you privacy and it has a better character and style.

  • Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchens are probably the most important place in the house. That’s where a house is actually ‘made’ in the truest sense. Most of the time, the kitchens are the star attraction of any or all properties and you can design your kitchen in budget. Kitchen cabinets take up a lot of visual space in the kitchen, so merely updating, replacing or painting your kitchen cabinets can make a huge difference in the way your kitchen looks. Your interior designer can help you find creative and innovative ways to use the cabinet space you have to allow you to access even more storage.

  • Kitchen Backsplashes

Backsplashes can be playfully experimented with, if done the right way. You have multiple choices when it comes to backslashes. Mosaic tiles, highlighter tiles, and vitrified tiles are great options for the durability that they come with. When replaced in tandem with countertops, cabinets or a fresh coat of paint can instantly change the look of the kitchen.

  • Fancy & Functional Fixtures

One of the few things you can do to add functionality and style is to upgrade your kitchen faucet. Small change but a huge contribution! If you’re currently stuck with a simple low-height faucet, consider getting one that sits higher to give you more space. Often a spray nozzle is connected at the end of these faucets, and they can add a touch of modern style to your kitchen.

  • New Front Door

Change your front door at least once or twice throughout the lifetime of your house. It is the first thing that your guests or even you can see of your house. As they say, the first impression is the last! You can get quite creative with the designs of your front door. Whether it’s the carving of a deity or some design carved out of wood, the options are endless. Any door design can be further enhanced with ornate door knockers, knobs, or even torans hung above the door. You can add character to your door that acts as a doorway to your personality and individuality.

You can upgrade your homes even with the smallest things. The best way to start with this project is by painting or tiling your wall, which can change the entire look and feel of the house to reflect what kind of a person you are. These small changes can add up to a well-designed and upgraded home.

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