Should You Let Sunlight into Your Home?

Should You Let Sunlight into Your Home?

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July 16th, 2023

British weather is famous for being unpredictable. Yet, you are always going to have some pleasant days with sunshine. Since these days are much desired, you can be tempted to let the sunshine flood into your living room, kitchen or bedroom. Indeed, it can be enjoyable to let some much-loved sun into your home during the day.

However, should you really let the sunlight flood into rooms in your house? You may have heard how this can be a negative action and something that can be bad for your home. Let’s consider why.

Why Should You Let Sunlight into Your Home?

Should You Let Sunlight into Your Home

Reduce Direct Sunlight

The sun is out, and many people in the UK get an instant mood boost. They want to let the sunlight stream into their home. But, let’s tackle this topic once and for all. This is something you want to avoid doing. Many people are under the impression that glass windows provide protection for everything inside the house. However, this is not truthful. In fact, around 70 per cent of UV rays can enter your home this way. Unfortunately, it can have bad consequences for your home.

Faded Upholstery

Do you have chairs and sofas with upholstered fabric? You have no doubt chosen this type of furniture because you love its colour or pattern. Indeed, you might be a fan of the soft and comfortable fabric too. But, something you have to be aware of is that sunlight has the ability to cause fading. This means that your furniture can appear lighter than it did before, and colours can lose their vibrancy. While you might think that the glass from the window stops something like this from happening, this is not the case.

Cracking and Damage

It is not just soft materials you have to worry about when it comes to sunlight. The heat and sunlight is able to damage other parts of your home too. For instance, it can cause paint cracking and damage to wallpaper and wooden items. What’s more, UV rays have the ability to cause damage to leather too.

Simple Ways to Protect Your Home

Should You Let Sunlight into Your Home

Thankfully, there are easy strategies for protecting your property and keeping your home looking good. Here are some of them you can try.

Install Blinds

One of the easiest things you can do is install blinds in your home. This can be done over the windows, allowing you to lower the blind when it is sunny. Check out if you are interested in automated blinds that you can control with voice or remote control. This lets you quickly adjust the blinds during the day, keeping the sunlight outside.

Try Window Film

Another option you have is to experiment with window film. There are rolls you can purchase that claim to block out UV rays. They have a tint on them, which means that the sunlight does not get through the glass. This can keep your room cooler, as well as protect your furnishings. You can buy different colours and patterns if you want something different.  What’s more, film can be good for privacy and security.

Cover Furnishings

Something else you can consider doing is covering the furnishings that are vulnerable to the sun. For example, you can use throws to cover sofas. You can also use rugs on wooden floors. This can be done during the summer time to protect the furnishings, and you can remove them during the winter. This can ensure that colours do not fade.

Use Treatments

You can treat certain materials to prevent UV rays and sunlight fading. You should add this to your to-do list if you are going to let some sun into your home. For example, there are wood treatments you can purchase that add a protectant layer to your furniture. This can be enough to maintain the colour and pattern. Therefore, shop around for different treatments that protect against UV rays. They can be a small price to pay that has great results.

Install an Awning

The next way you can protect your property is to install an awning. This can be done in your garden as a way to protect the interior of your home. When it is out, it is able to provide shade, which does not allow UV rays to enter your home. What’s more, it is going to keep the interior cool. If you are somebody that likes to spend time outdoors, you have the benefit of an awning too. This allows you to sit on your patio and enjoy some shade.

Plant Trees

Something else you can try if you are looking to reduce the sunlight is to plant tall trees. This should be done strategically to provide shade on your home. There are fast-growing hedges you can plant, which can allow you to achieve your goal quickly. What’s more, you can choose lovely trees if you are looking for an independent feature.

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