When should I go to a cosmetic dentistry clinic?

When should I go to a cosmetic dentistry clinic?

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January 30, 2023

For everyone, a smile is a calling card that helps to make people feel good about themselves and confident. Not infrequently, people with aesthetic dental problems may experience depression, and a gradual restriction of social contacts, both in the workplace and among friends.  In order to solve these problems, and return to a full life, you need to take care of your health and go to a cosmetic dentistry clinic https://www.thedentalconcierge.com/.

What problems can cosmetic dentistry help solve?

When should I go to a cosmetic dentistry clinic?

Aesthetic dentistry aims to solve such problems:

  • eliminate bite defects;
  • remove chips on the front teeth;
  • clean plaque and stones from your teeth;
  • restore damaged teeth with artistic restorations.

Due to the fact that cosmetic dentistry clinics use only modern technology, all manipulations are as painless as possible.

In order to choose the right method to eliminate dental defects, you need to make an appointment with a dentist, who will examine the oral cavity, and determine which method of restoration, or alignment, is right for this or that patient.

At a cosmetic dentistry clinic, you can get treatment from such specialists:

  • The therapist-restorer – The specialist not only places fillings but also restores the shape of the tooth after it has been chipped. They use materials that are identical in color to the natural color of the enamel. This way, no one can tell that you were once missing a piece of a tooth.
  • Orthodontist – The doctor directly aligns the teeth using braces, plates, and orthodontists.
  • An orthopedist-implantologist – The doctor deals with dental problems where the correct shape of the teeth can be restored with the help of overlays such as veneers. The thin plates cover irregularities and gaps between the teeth, giving the patient an even and aesthetically pleasing dental line.

Cosmetic dentist services at The Dental Concierge

The Dental Concierge offers clients quality dental services to help correct dental defects and other dental problems. All doctors are American-accredited, which confirms their professionalism. No matter how difficult the problem needs to be solved, the doctors at The Dental Concierge can handle even the most difficult case. During the consultation, you will receive a work plan, according to which the treatment will take place. Before treatment begins, patients are shown a digital mock-up of what their smile will look like after the dental procedures. This way, you will know what the end result will be.  You can make an appointment online or by calling the clinic.

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