How To Know and Prevent Health Problems

How To Know and Prevent Health Problems

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Health, Updated On
January 11th, 2023

You never know when you can be a victim of a health problem. Many of you must have heard a very popular saying that Health is Wealth, but many of you have understood the right meaning of this phrase. Answer honestly, do you take proper precautions and maintain your body well so that you do not fall ill or face any health problems? If yes, then well and good but if no, then you are in serious trouble.

One of my doctor friends says that once your body starts degrading its health, then there is no coming back from that position. You can never be free from medicines, drugs, and supplements if you are ignoring your body now. There is a simple and strict mechanism in our body that basically works well until you take proper care of it. If you don’t take your body mechanism seriously, then you will surely fall ill and face many health problems.

There are many health problems nowadays that a common man faces. You never know what sort of problem you can interact with. It’s completely not in your hand, but what is in your hand is safe and precautions. They are something that you need to know every time you are watching and face any symptom inside you. You won’t be receiving any sort of warning before hitting by a disease. Also, if you take proper care and still fall ill, then there is a problem in your family history or genes, which you can never control but can only face the consequences. Here, in this article, we will be discussing how to know and Prevent Health Problems.

How to know that you are facing any Health Problems?

You can never be safe from a disease if you are taking small symptoms inside your body lightly. These small symptoms are a sign that you are facing a big health problem. Here are some of the tricks and methods which you can follow to get sure that if you are facing any health problem—time to mention them.

  • If you regularly fall ill in subsequent months, then you surely have to check up on your whole body test. They are the small signs that are guiding you toward a big problem. So, do have a whole body monthly check-up.
  • Obesity can be the reason: if your weight is increasing day by day and then you must consult a doctor as soon as possible. If you are overweight, there can be two reasons behind it. One is that you are intentionally taking more calories which is the reason behind your heavy body, but still, if you are not over-eating and your body weight is increasing day by day, then there can be a problem in your body. Go consult a doctor as soon as possible.
  • If you are not able to embrace your full range of emotions, then you might be fallen prey to any mental disorder. There is a high possibility of this because emotions are something that defines a human, if you are not embracing your feelings, try consulting a psychiatrist.
  • Feeling stressed out every time- Stress is something which can lead to many problems, mental as well as physical. You can never be a healthy person if you are in stress or in any sort of tension. Life goes how it goes, and it is totally acceptable if it is throwing some bad phase, but it is you who have to think about how you can handle that stress easily and live a healthy as well as a happy life.

Some Ways you can Prevent Health Problems

There are some common ways which you can imply in your life to prevent health problems. These ways are common, and you must have heard about them in your daily life. But, in this article, you will get to know how to follow these precautions. Because as previously mentioned, you must have heard about them and still if you are searching for this topic then it is obvious that you haven’t followed them properly. You will get to know about how to make yourself healthy and stay healthy to prevent health problems. So, here we go.

Eat Healthily

Believe it or not, many of our health problems are directly related to the quality and quantity of food we consume. There are many health problems which can directly be controlled if we consume healthy and good food. Ultra-processed foods like chips, white bread, Donuts, instant oatmeal, coffee creamers, and fast food are very injurious to our health. They readily slow down your metabolism system and do not allow our stomach and inner cycle to consume this food properly. As a result of this, they get stuck to our intestines and various inner lining of our organs which leads to a severe impact on our health.

The food we consume is the only source of our energy. If we are not consuming healthy food, then our bodies will not be able to function well which then became a prime source for depletion in our health. A study shows that¸ if your intake includes more than four meals of ultra-processed food, then you became prone to 62% of life-threatening diseases. These stats are enough to let you know how severely this bad intake can affect our body’s health.

Instead of consuming this bad and over-processed food, what can you eat? You can eat green vegetables, beans, grains, lentils, and various other healthy things. You can easily find out other healthy food items on the internet.

So, take a pledge, go to your kitchen, throw out all the bad food away and start accumulating good and green food inside. When you feel like you are craving to eat something unhealthy, then remember the fact that every time you are consuming unhealthy food, you are risking your life. This motivation is enough to throw that food and eat something healthy instead.

Get your monthly cholesterol check-up

There are two types of Cholesterol present inside our body. They are commonly named bad cholesterol and good cholesterol. Good cholesterol as the name suggests is right for your health; on the other hand, bad cholesterol is something that is very disastrous for your health.

Suppose your body has a high amount of bad cholesterol present and accumulated inside your veins and other capillaries. In that case, this can and would become the prime and foremost reason behind your bad health in the future, especially a heart attack. A heart attack is mainly caused due to a large accumulation of bad cholesterol inside the cardiac muscles. This won’t allow the muscles to contract and relax properly, which will lead to a heart attack.

So, keep a routine of monthly cholesterol checks. If your cholesterol is high, then you must perform some exercise that can help to burn that cholesterol and avoid the intake of fats and lipids. They are the prime reason behind the increase in the amount of bad cholesterol inside your body. Consult a doctor now.

Get up and start exercising

If you are fit, then you are cutting down many possibilities of falling sick or falling prey to any health problem. Exercise and burning calories can prevent many health problems. If you cannot go to the Gym, then you can take a morning walk or a run. If you are taking 10,000 steps, then according to the studies, you are less vulnerable to chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart attack.

You can search for home exercise tutorials also plus can visit the garden to move your body. Search on Youtube, it will provide you with the best exercise techniques to follow without any inconvenience. A walk of 30-60 minutes can do everything for you, no need to go to the gym and somewhere fancy gardens, or do household work, they can help you in an even better way.

Keep an eye on your Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure is the pressure of your blood that is applied to veins. There are certain figures which decide if your blood pressure is okay or not. If your blood pressure is somewhere between <120/80 mmHg, then it is considered in the category of normal. But, if it is above or below this figure, then there is something to worry about. Around the world, there are almost 50% of adults are suffering from hypertension (caused due to increased blood pressure), which became the main reason for many health-associated problems. If you are overweight, then you are at more risk of hypertension. You have to reduce your weight to get back your blood pressure in a normal state. Try exercising and try to be fit. Use Fogger Machines for better health.

Sleep Cycle

When did you take a full 8-10 hours of sleep without any stress or tension? Sleep is very essential to get away from many health problems, including mental as well as physical problems. Sleep plays a very important role in how we feel. You have to follow certain sleep patterns and sleep cycles if you are suffering from any.

If you are unable to go to bed and wake up from bed at the same time, then there is something to be concerned. Make sure you follow a sleep cycle and do not ever consume heavy meals just before your bedtime. You will get everything in the above-mentioned article.

Manage your obesity and Body Mass Index

If you are an overweight person, then situations are tough for you. You are at a very high risk of falling prey to various health problems. You have to keep a proper check on your BMI, and if your BMI is above 25, then you are under the category of overweight. And if your BMI is under 18.5, then you are under the category of underweight. So, make sure to maintain your BMI between 18-24.9 because overweighting has a bad impact on your body.

Do not overeat, start exercising, and if you are following these activities, then can stay away from various health problems. Being overweight can cause multiple health problems like health attacks, high blood pressure or hypertension, diabetes, cancers, and various other life-threatening diseases. So, reduce your weight now if you are under the category of overweight.

Your Sugar level can also be a problem

An increase in the sugar content in your body can lead to diabetes which is a very disastrous disease. Food beverages like soda, soft drinks, and various like others contain a high amount of sugar inside them which increases the amount of sugar in our blood. An increase in blood sugar is very dangerous, and thus you have to eat and drink after reading its ingredients.

Quit Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking and drinking alcohol are not good practices, which are followed by most people nowadays. They affect our lungs adversely, which can lead to many health problems. Smoking can lead to cancer, and many adults have lost their lives just because they have ignored this warning which is present even in the packet of cigarettes.  This experienced dentist in Vienna also adds that smoking and alcohol are detrimental to your dental health. They can cause tooth decay, periodontitis, and mouth cancer.

According to a study, people who smoke live ten years less than non-smokers. So, the decision is in your hand now. Leave smoking now or else lose your ten years of life. The decision is yours. Use a mask if anyone is smoking around you.

So, here were some ways you can follow to prevent health problems and live a healthy life. Apart from these, make sure you have to take the proper vaccines and medication needed to stay healthy life. This way you can increase your immunity to fight against any or common problem. Everyone wants to live longer, but you can only live longer if you are taking proper care of your health and body. Never ever be careless with your body because as previously mentioned, if your body starts degrading, then there is no way to come back.

Stay safe, Stay healthy.

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