5 Ways To Help A Weightlifter Gain More Muscle

5 Ways To Help A Weightlifter Gain More Muscle

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Health, Updated On
April 14th, 2024

Weightlifters are always on the go and have to eat right. They train hard, work out a lot, and update their meal plans according to what they should do for protein intake to bulk up fast.

The complementary use of protein powder and dietary modifications usually increases overall muscle mass, and the desired physique is achieved quickly!

If you want to learn how to bulk up, here are some of the most effective ways weightlifters use. Consider the following methods if you are looking to build up more muscle.

5 Ways To Help A Weightlifter Gain More Muscle

Eat more protein

eat more protien

Protein is essential for muscle bulking. If you want to add a few extra pounds of pure muscle, you ideally recommend following the daily protein requirements.

Consequently, the amount of protein taken should be in conjunction with your height and weight to effectuate a proportional muscle mass distribution.

You can either get protein from natural sources like eggs and meat or use protein powder.

Most gym-goers prefer the latter since it offers more convenience and practically helps them determine their daily protein intake.

Plan out an exercise routine.

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Routinely building your muscles can help maintain and increase muscle mass. This is effective since muscles are more prone to absorb protein when they are constantly being used.

If you want fast results, consider hiring a gym trainer to help you plan an individual routine that fits your body type precisely.

It is highly recommended that you get a tailored program according to your needs and consult a dietitian and trainer for guidance.

This can expedite the whole muscle bulking process and help you develop healthy muscle proportions.

Small Frequent Meals

Small Frequent Meals

Muscle builders often emphasise that “small frequent meals” are essential in building more muscle. This method is preferred because it helps the body gradually adjust to taking in more protein.

It is also comparably more efficient in helping the body digest more of the needed macronutrients.

Since eating all the required protein in just one sitting may sometimes be daunting and challenging, it is essential to split up the meals 5 or 6 times daily.

Always remember that small frequent meals are best paired with regular exercise. This will help even with protein distribution in the areas you want to enhance.

Other Protein Sources

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As mentioned, protein is often complex when you rely solely on food sources.

You may constantly find yourself filled with food. Fortunately, protein powder and shakes can help you gain additional protein conveniently.

These alternative protein sources are ideal for bulking because they are cheaper and easier to prepare.

With just a few cups of water, you can add some powder and shake it accordingly. It is also easier to ingest, and you may gain more protein than usual.

Rest and Sleep

rest and sleep

Rest is essential to add a few extra pounds of pure muscle. Bulking wouldn’t be successful if you exercise and eat without the needed rest.

Consequently, sleeping can help the muscles recover and improve the body’s functionality.

Studies have also shown that supplementing rest and sleep with regular exercise can augment gym training sessions. Take advance 8-hour sleep to ease some of those hard gains.

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