10 skin products that should never leave you

10 skin products that should never leave you

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December 14th, 2021

It is true that every woman has a different skin type than others, but there are 9 special skin care products that keep her in constant youth, every woman, regardless of her skin type, must acquire them and make her her constant friend, so that she does not leave her bag no matter what.
Get to know these 9 skin products below, to keep you looking younger at all times.

10 skin products that should never leave you

1- Sunscreen:

It is the most important product for every woman, as it prevents skin aging and prevents skin cancer, so it is necessary that it does not leave your bag. Apply it several times a day on the face and body, especially when exposed to intense sunlight.

2- A gentle cleanser for the skin:

The basis of the skin care routine is clean skin, and this step can only be achieved with a gentle cleanser on your skin, which you use in the morning and evening, as it cleanses it from toxins, dust, dirt and any other impurities, which protects it from pimples and makes it bright always.

Product Description

This gel cleanser removes make-up, oils and harmful contaminants from the skin that can cause premature wrinkles to appear. This product is extremely high in quality that leaves your normal skin fresh and radiant, and its unique texture turns from a gel to a skin-lightening cream as well.

3- Retinol:

It is a substance derived from vitamin A, the ingredient that dermatologists recommend to avoid premature aging of the skin, as it stimulates the collagen and elastin substances in the skin, which are responsible for youthful skin and prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

Product Description

A new high-quality product to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve the complexion clearly, each capsule for daily use by massaging the face and neck every day before bed, capsules of “Elizabeth Arden” free of perfumes and preservatives won the admiration of many world famous people and achieved an excellent rating, Suitable for all skin types.

4- Vitamin C:

This vitamin maintains skin glow, prevents hyperpigmentation, and works to get rid of dullness and yellowing. Therefore, always use a serum rich in Vitamin C, and never do without it.

5- Skin scrub:

When dead cells accumulate on the surface of the skin, they interfere with the reflection of light, giving the skin a dull appearance. Thus, gentle manual exfoliation helps remove dirt and oil build-up, and restore radiance to the complexion. From this, always put in your bag a gentle scrub that suits your skin type.

6- Collagen-boosting cream:

If you are keen to maintain young skin free of wrinkles, you only have to use the collagen-boosting cream, as it works to enhance collagen production in the skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and moisturizes and softens the skin.

7- Toner:

This product is not only intended for oily or acne-prone skin. Using it in the morning helps cleanse the skin and make it quickly absorbed by morning creams, and it also works to shrink the large pores of the skin.

This toner removes impurities and leaves skin feeling smooth and radiant. This toner is made with chamomile, cucumber and aloe vera, and is alcohol-free. The hyaluronic acid in this toner also rejuvenates the complexion, reduces fine lines and maintains moisture.

8- Skin moisturizer:

This product moisturizes dry skin, so apply it before using any other cream, it will give your skin a shiny and radiant look. It is recommended that professionals use a moisturizing spray several times a day.

Product Description

This amazing moisturizer is rich in lightweight formula that absorbs quickly to leave skin looking visibly younger. Containing a blend of essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, and peppermint, this moisturizer plus mango seed butter is an excellent moisturizer for normal and all skin types.

9 – Face mask:

The face mask occupies great importance in the skin care routine, as it nourishes, moisturizes the skin and works to lighten its color. Skin specialist in islamabad recommended to use masks rich in natural oils and antioxidants.

Product Description

This mask is an important addition to normal skin and is suitable for all skin types. A moisturizing mask with a creamy texture, helps smooth and regenerate skin Contains green tea, vitamins C and A, and pineapple extract.

10-Facial Cleansing Brush Extra care for the skin:

This product is used with your face wash to give it deep cleanliness, this brush can be used every day but it is better not to overdo it and only use 3 – 4 times a week, this brush is suitable for normal, dry, and combination skin.

In the end –

normal skin is the natural flawless skin and has a good moisturizing level, but pollution, excessive exposure to sunlight, smoking and other factors that affect the condition of your skin can be affected, so you should take care of normal skin regularly and choose suitable products for it.

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