Why The World Is Moving Towards Outdoor Wedding

Why The World Is Moving Towards Outdoor Wedding

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In General, Updated On
April 15th, 2024

The most memorable time in our lives is spent with our loved ones. What can be more memorable than all your near and dear ones there to witness you saying ‘I do’ to the love of your life? The world of weddings is changing, from substantial indoor weddings with hundreds of people to small, compact outdoor weddings with the people you genuinely care about. What’s in trend today is a scenic wedding at an exotic yet affordable location. Beach weddings in Sydney promise to fill this demand for the new age of weddings. This transition of wedding style has been in the process but has been accelerated because of the pandemic.

The benefits of outdoor weddings are as follows –


  • Endless Space and Ventilation

Outdoor weddings have considerable space that can be utilized over a traditional indoor wedding at a banquet hall. The number of guests need not be capped due to a venue limitation. Guests don’t have to be confined to a small space and can move around and interact with each other freely. This also opens up possibilities for different activities you may want in a wedding reception without needing to move away from the venue. Your guests will not feel cramped and will be comfortable throughout. The ventilation aspect makes outdoor weddings the safest option in the current pandemic scenario. People from all age groups will attend a wedding, and all guests will favour an outdoor wedding.

  • Natural Scenery

Undoubtedly, an outdoor location, be it a beach, garden, etc., is more alluring than a traditional banquet hall. The lush greenery, well-kept venues, and blue sky are already the decor that makes your wedding stand out. Getting married at a location that looks upon the sunset will make for magnificent pictures and memories that will be etched in your mind forever. The wedding photos will turn out to be better because of the beautiful natural backdrop. The scenery also sets the tone for the occasion, making it more relaxed than a formal setting. Nothing is more scenic than a wedding in an exotic destination like beach weddings in Sydney.

  • Cost and Convenience

Although indoor banquet halls are beautiful, the cost to decorate them and make them stand out is immense. At an outdoor wedding, the price is minimal because the natural beauty adds a touch of elegance to the decor. The cost of electricity is wholly avoided at an outdoor wedding due to the presence of natural light. Every typical indoor venue hosts more than a few weddings per day and has time slots for it. This can sometimes require families to hurry up the ceremony, which makes it feel like a chore. In this aspect, outdoor weddings are far more convenient as there is ample outdoor space for weddings, making each wedding feel like the special occasion.

In conclusion, indoor weddings have been a tradition for years together. The benefits of outdoor weddings are challenging this tradition. Outdoor weddings are favoured for the reasons above, and this trend will likely continue. Weddings in exotic outdoor locations like beaches promise to make the start of your union as memorable as possible. Outdoor weddings are safer, cheaper, and more convenient for most families; hence, the world is shifting to outdoor weddings.

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