What You Should Do Following the Death of a Loved One

What You Should Do Following the Death of a Loved One

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September 6, 2021

The death of a loved one is one of the hardest situations that you’ll ever have to deal with. However, deal with it you must, no matter how hard it is, there are still tasks that need to be done.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at what you need to do following a death of a loved one. We’ll look at legal formalities, the grieving process, and more.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can get through this very tough time.

What You Should Do Following the Death of a Loved One

  • Sort Out Any Legal Matters

After a loved one dies, you’ll need to deal with a lot of legal issues. For instance, there’s probate, the matter of dividing their estate and paying inheritance tax, as well as filing life insurance claims or cashing out a funeral plan. You will also need to get a death certificate.

If your loved one died an early death or a death due to crime, there may be an inquest or an investigation. If the loved one died due to negligence or a similar issue, you may wish to file a lawsuit. If you decide to file the lawsuit, you will need to find an appropriate lawyer.

  • Tell Everyone That Needs to Know

If you’re one of the first people to find out about a death in the family, you need to let other people know. Avoid making a Facebook post or mentioning it on social media at all.

Instead, call everyone who needs to know and speak to them personally. They will appreciate the personal touch that this offers during a very difficult time.

  • Plan a Funeral or Memorial Service

A few days after the death, you should start planning a funeral. Your loved one may have made a plan for their funeral, and if they have, you should do your best to follow it to the letter.

If they have not, you may wish to plan it yourself in accordance with their known tastes. If they were a veteran, you may wish to contact the VA who may be able to help with costs.

You’ll need to create a schedule of events for the funeral, including eulogies, hymns, and Bible readings.

  • Property and Pets

If the loved one had any pets, you’ll need to make sure that they’re given food and water, as well as having any other needs met. You should also secure your loved one’s property, making sure that all windows and doors are locked: if necessary, you may need to make a rent payment.

  • Dealing With Debts

Unfortunately, debt doesn’t always die with its holder. If your loved one has left behind debts, you and your other loved ones will need to deal with them by paying them off or creating a payment plan.

The Death of a Loved One Is Hard: Be Easy on Yourself

This may look like a lot of work to do in the aftermath of a loved one’s death, and you’d be right. While keeping busy can help, you also need to take time to grieve and to allow yourself time to come to terms with the death. Be easy on yourself.

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