What to Do if Your Business Has a Drainage Issue

What to Do if Your Business Has a Drainage Issue

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July 19, 2023

It is not only customer complaints and a lack of cash flow that you must deal with as a business owner but, at some time or another, you might have to deal with drainage issues, whether you run your business from an office or a brick-and-mortar store.

What to Do if Your Business Has a Drainage Issue


If you are currently struggling to alleviate drainage problems within your business, here are some of the top steps that you can take to remedy them.

  • Find the Source

Before you do anything else or call out a professional, as soon as you begin to notice signs of drainage trouble, such as a bad odor, you should immediately start looking for the cause. Finding the source of the problem will help you to establish what you need to do and whether it can be fixed DIY. It will also allow you to contemplate temporary solutions that can allow your business to continue to run until you can get it solved more permanently. By finding the core of the difficulty, you may also be able to stop it from worsening.

  • Work Out Responsibility

You should also work out whose responsibility it is to sort out the drains in your building. For instance, if you rent your building from a landlord or commercial property agency, it is likely to fall into their hands to sort it out. However, if you own your property, it is much more likely that you will have to pay out to fix the drains inside your building. However, it might also be your local authority’s responsibility to make your drains good as new again if there is a fault within the main external drains that are shared by multiple properties.

  • Call Out the Professionals

After you have made the initial preparations, you must call out a professional team, even if you have team members on hand who might have great DIY skills. An expert plumbing company will ensure that your drainage system is repaired to a high standard and that it meets regulations. They can also give you an initial quote so you will know how much it will cost your business. This will ensure that you do not have to worry about future drainage problems quite so much. Luckily, many local plumbers across the country will be able to work on your commercial plumbing hitches, such as blocked toilets, and even water heater repairs.

  • Close off the Area

Once you have established that you have a snag in your system, you should make sure that you block off the affected area as a health and safety measure. This will prevent members of the public from stumbling into gushing or open drains and can prevent the mess that has been created from becoming nastier. You should also try to remove all your stock and equipment from this place, or you might find that it becomes waterlogged or damaged, or that it seeps up a smell that is unable to be removed at a later date. This can stop you from losing even more money.

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