What is An Infinity Pool?

What is An Infinity Pool?

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April 19th, 2024

In Short:

  1. Expertise: FM Pools & Outdoor Living offers skilled design and installation services for stunning infinity pools that seamlessly blend with your surroundings.
  2. Custom Design: They prioritize your preferences, ensuring your infinity pool reflects your desired aesthetic and features.
  3. Quality Construction: FM Pools offers durable and beautiful infinity pools constructed using high-quality materials and modern techniques.

Imagine swimming in a pool where the water spills over the edge, blending with the sky or landscape. That’s an infinity pool. The magic happens because one edge of the pool is made lower and has a unique catch basin hidden from view. So, when you’re in the pool, it seems like the water goes on forever, hence the name “infinity.”

These pools are excellent in places with beautiful views, like mountains, the ocean, or a cityscape, because they create a stunning visual effect where the water meets the horizon. Building an infinity pool takes a lot of skill and design know-how, which is where pool companies like https://fmpools.net/ come in. They can help design and install an infinity pool that perfectly matches your space, ensuring you get that endless view while swimming.

Infinity Pool Pros and Cons

Infinity Pool

Infinity pools are stunning, but like anything else, they come with their own set of pros and cons. Here’s a simple look at both sides.


  • Incredible Views – Infinity pools are designed to give the illusion of the water extending into the horizon, making them perfect for locations with great views.
  • Aesthetic Appeal—They’re statement pieces that add a wow factor to any property, enhancing its overall beauty and appeal.
  • Increase Property Value—Infinity pools, with their luxurious look and appeal, can boost your property’s market value.
  • Unique Swimming Experience – Swimming in an infinity pool is a fantastic experience, with the edgeless design creating a serene and expansive feel.


  • High Cost—Infinity pools are more expensive to build and design than standard pools due to their complexity and the technology needed to maintain them.
  • Maintenance – They require diligent maintenance to keep the illusion effect perfect and the water clean, which can be more demanding than traditional pools.
  • Water Requirements—Due to evaporation and the overflow system, Infinity pools can lose more water than regular pools, leading to higher water usage.
  • Location-Specific—To truly get the most out of an infinity pool, you need an area with a view that complements the pool’s design, which isn’t always possible.

While infinity pools offer a breathtaking swimming experience and can be a valuable addition to your home, it’s essential to weigh these factors carefully to decide if it’s the right choice.

Infinity Pools by FM Pools & Outdoor Living

Infinity Pool

s & Outdoor Living knows how to bring your dream pool to life. Here’ when it comes to infinity pools, why choosing them for your infinity pool project is a smart move:

  1. Expertise. They’ve got the skills and experience. FM Pools knows how to design and install infinity pools that look amazing and blend perfectly with your surroundings.
  2. Custom Design. FM Pools listens to what you want. Whether it’s a particular look or a specific feature, they work with you to create a unique pool.
  3. Quality Construction. With FM Pools, you can trust that your infinity pool will be built to last. They use high-quality materials and the latest techniques to ensure your pool is as durable as beautiful.
  4. Ongoing Support. Maintenance is vital with infinity pools, and FM Pools offers excellent aftercare. They’ll help you keep your pool looking and working great so you can enjoy that endless view without the hassle.

Choosing FM Pools & Outdoor Living means getting a stunning infinity pool with the peace of mind of knowing it’s done right.


Investing in an infinity pool from FM Pools & Outdoor Living guarantees a visually striking addition to your property and a durable and expertly crafted oasis that enhances your outdoor space. With their focus on expertise, custom design, and quality construction, you can trust them to bring your dream pool to life while providing ongoing support for maintenance and upkeep.


How long does it take to build an infinity pool?

The timeline for constructing an infinity pool varies depending on factors like size, complexity, and site preparation. FM Pools & Outdoor Living will provide a detailed timeline during the consultation process.

Do infinity pools require special maintenance?

Yes, infinity pools require diligent maintenance to preserve their aesthetic appeal and functionality. FM Pools offers comprehensive aftercare services to ensure your pool remains in top condition.

Can an infinity pool be installed in any location?

While ideal for locations with scenic views, infinity pools require specific site conditions for proper installation. FM Pools evaluates each location to determine feasibility and optimize the pool’s design.

Are infinity pools environmentally friendly?

Infinity pools can be designed with eco-friendly features like water-saving systems and energy-efficient equipment. FM Pools can incorporate such features into your pool design for sustainability.

What happens if there’s a problem with my infinity pool after installation?

FM Pools & Outdoor Living provides ongoing support and assistance for any issues that may arise post-installation. Their team of experts ensures prompt resolution to keep your pool in optimal condition.

Can I customize the shape and size of my infinity pool?

Yes, FM Pools offers customization options for the shape, size, and features of your infinity pool to suit your preferences and space requirements.

How do I ensure the safety of an infinity pool, especially with children around?

FM Pools prioritizes safety in pool design and can incorporate safety features such as perimeter fencing, pool covers, and shallow areas for children’s play, ensuring a secure environment for your family.

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