What Are Scope Rings and Why Are Their Important? A Guide

What Are Scope Rings and Why Are Their Important? A Guide

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January 7, 2022
Last modified on January 10th, 2022

Many firearm enthusiasts say that you should spend as much money on a quality scope as you did on the gun itself. That showcases the importance of a good scope.

You can have the best rifle in the world, but if your optics are bad, you’ll miss the target every time. Not exactly ideal if you’re headed out for some big game hunting, and only get one chance to bring home some meat.

But it’s not just a matter of buying a great scope. It also needs to attach perfectly to your rifle, which is why scope rings are so important. People spend all their time looking at scopes, and spending thousands of dollars on a good one, only to find out they can’t even attach it to their rifle because they don’t understand how a scope ring works.

What Are Scope Rings and Why Are Their Important? A Guide

Want to avoid that problem? Read on below to learn all about the importance of scope ring height and size.

  • How to Mount a Scope

When you buy a rifle scope, you won’t be able to simply attach it to your rifle. Your rifle will need to have an accessory mounting system in place first.

The most common mount is the Picatinny rail system. This is especially true for those attaching scopes, as opposed to other accessories like lasers or grips.

Other common mounting systems include the M-Lok or Keymod systems. Your mounting system comes first. Then, you need a way to attach your scope to the mounting bracket.

  • What are Scope Rings?

Scope rings are the components attached to your mounting bracket, which are usually Picatinny rails. These are mounted to the gun. The scope will then sit snugly inside these rings.

You’ll tighten the clamps in the rings, which secures the scope in place, preventing any movement.

If you look at your rifle scope, you’ll notice the two ends have a much wider diameter than the center of the scope. The scope rings will latch onto the small diameter center.

There are normally two rings to hold your scope in place. Some Picatinny scope rings will feature two rings affixed to a base. This makes installation simpler, but you cannot adjust the rings independently if you’d like to increase the distance between the two rings.

For a bit more control, especially with longer scopes, you can also get two separate rings, and place them on your mounting rails in your desired position. Space out the rings as much as possible can create a more secure fit.

And if you want to ensure maximum visibility around your scope, you can get see-through scope rings, which won’t block your field of view below the scope.

  • Understanding Scope Ring Size

Scope rings come in a variety of sizes, but there are three main ones you’ll care about. You’ll most often see 1″, 30 mm, and 40mm scope rings.

Some of the large ring sizes will come with shims, that allow the rails to work with smaller scopes. But the best scope rings are those that fit your favorite scope perfectly, without the need for additional points of failure.

  • Don’t Overlook the Rings

Most people don’t think about scope rings. But they are a vital component of your rifle. Without them, you can’t attach your scope to your gun. And with bad or worn-out scope rings, your scope might move, ruining your chance of an accurate shot.

So don’t skimp on quality scope rings that fit your favorite scope.

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