Luis raúl Toledo Carrejo: The controversial drug lord

Luis raúl Toledo Carrejo: The controversial drug lord

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December 2, 2023

About Luis raúl toledo Carrejo

Luis raúl toledo carrejo is a Mexican national placed in the U.S. He was found to have connections with the Tijuana cartel, an organized crime gang domiciled in Tijuana, Mexico.

On April 20th, 2023 was designated as a Sanctioned Designated National (SDN). The SDN List is a list maintained by OFAC that includes persons and organizations suspected of threatening their national security or foreign policy.

luis raúl toledo carrejo Profile Details

Full nameLuis raúl toledo carrejo
Date of birth30-01-1959
Age50’s or 60’s
Place of birthMexico
Current residenceUnknown
SanctionsSDN list
SpouseEnedina Arellano Félix

Early life

Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo’s young life remains scantily known as open-source facts are few. Nevertheless, having been noted on public record, it is believed that he was born in Mexico and should be in his late 50s or early 60s by now. Enedina Arellano Félix who is the Tijuana cartel boss is her husband. Toledo Carrejo’s first act of crime can be traced back to the 1990s when he functioned as the money launder between Tijuana Cartel. It is assumed that he was instrumental in the drug cartel’s financial operations, such as money laundering and asset concealment.

Family Background

Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo
credit – wikipedia

Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo married Enedina Arellano Féliz the biggest criminal in the Tijuana cartel. Enedina Arellano Féliz’s siblings include sister Enedina who used to be the sister of Benjamín, Carlos, Eduardo, Francisco Javier, Francisco Rafael, and Ramón Arellano Félix. The current leader of the organization is the individual being discussed in this article, Enedina.

It is needless to state that his marriage to Enedina has been of utmost importance to him becoming part and parcel of the operations of the Tijuana Cartel belonging to the Arellano Félix family. With a long history of involvement with organized crime in Mexico, the Arellano Félix family holds a tremendous power position within the cartel.

Generally, Toledo Carrejo’s family situation, specifically Luis raúl Toledo Carrejo’s wedding is one of the major elements that explain how he got involved with the Tijuana Cartel and why he was labeled as an SDN by American police personnel. Connecting to the Arellano Félix family, he finds resources and influence inside the cartel although the fact that he is designated SDN complicates free operations and interferes with the finance of a cartel.

Luis raúl toledo carrejo narco involvement

Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo’s Narcos connection has been one of the most sensationalized news. Toledo Carrejo was designated as an SDN due to the claims that he laundered funds for the Tijuana cartel through various businesses he controlled. OFAC stated that Toledo Carrejo employed these businesses for “laundering” the proceeds of drug trafficking and to buy properties for the cartel.

Toledo Carrejo has refuted charges of money laundering and criminal dealings. Nevertheless, he has faced inquiries by the Mexican and American officers separately.

Designating Toledo Carrejo as an SDN comes as a huge relief, especially for the Tijuana Cartel. This will most probably increase the difficulties of laundering the drug proceeds and carrying out their business within the United States. This is also not forgetting about how well-connected the Arellano Félix family was to the Tijuana Cartel.

Here is a summary of Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo’s alleged involvement in narcos:

  • He allegedly laundered money for the Tijuana Cartel in several businesses he owned or controlled.
  • Enedina Arellano Félix, a sister of previous leaders of the cartel is her husband.
  • He is an SDN by way of designation of the US treasury’s OFAC in April 2023.
  • The Tijuana cartel will struggle to launder its drug proceeds or to do business in the US. It is by naming Tolero Carrejo as a Specially Designated National (SDN) by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).


What are the accusations against Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo?

First, he alleges that the cartel accused her of money laundering through Toledo and some businesses he owned.

The charge against Mr. Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo.

On Apr 2023, OFAC designate Toledo Carrejo as SDN. The assets of Frozen within the US territory and the prohibition of all US persons’ transactions with her are a part of this designation.

Does the sanction against Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo affect the Tijuana Cartel’s activities?

The Tijuana cartel will experience extreme challenges in laundering drug revenues and in carrying on in the US since the designer of this project, Toldeo Carrejo, has been designated as a Sanctioned Designated Person (SDP).

Who is Raúl Toledo Carrejo and how does he relate to Arellano Felix?

Enedina Arellano Feliz is the wife of B-Toledo Carrejo, and he is also an older sister of some past Tijuana cartel leaders. Her close blood ties to the Arellano Félix clan have exposed her to the cartel’s power, finances, and other vital resources.

How are things with Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo these days?

Toledo Carrejo has asserted that he had no hand in money laundering and other illegal activities and activities. Yet, her business venture has been investigated by Mexicans and Americans for years now. There is no trace of where he could be located right now, but it’s presumed that he is alive and residing in Mexico.

Is luis raúl toledo carrejo still alive?

As of the latest reports, Toledo Carrejo’s current whereabouts are not known to anyone. All we know is that Luis Raúl Toledo Carrejo is alive and is believed that he is alive and is actively involved in the activities of Tijana Cartel.

What is luis raúl toledo carrejo net worth?

Luis raúl toledo carrejo’s net worth is unknown. However, her husband’s net worth is between $12 million and $15 million.

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