Hunting Gear Brands: Who’s Who in the Industry

Hunting Gear Brands: Who’s Who in the Industry

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In General, Published On
August 24, 2023

Looking for hunting and survival gear that won’t let you down when the situation calls? We understand that with so much competition, making sure that the brands claiming to have your back live up to their promises is hard. But don’t worry, we’ve done all the work for you – this post covers some of the best hunting brands out there!

Top Hunting Gear Brands



When it comes to hunting gear, in particular clothes, Sitka is the name that stands out above the rest. Born out of the desire to create high-performance hunting apparel, it has evolved into the best hunting camo brand that hunters trust.

Sitka’s genius lies in its innovative three-layer systems designed to provide essential protection and comfort in any conditions – whether you’re a cold-weather treestand deer hunter, a devoted waterfowler, or a mountain sheep hunter. With Sitka, you can pick a clothing system designed for your hunting style, activity level, target game, and conditions (hot/cold, dry/wet, etc.) Yes, the systems vary, but be sure each one functions perfectly: breathable, moisture-wicking base layers manage sweat, fleece and merino wool mid-layers regulate body temperature, and the technology-based outer layers shield from the elements. Each layer is fitted with specific features to ensure overall comfort throughout the day.

Sitka camo patterns are also a game-changer. The brand has invested heavily in research and development to create the most efficient concealment for different terrains and hunting conditions.

People often ask if investing in Sitka gear is truly worth it. We say yes. From our experience, it’s worth it every time, as the quality and durability of the products are unmatched, and the value they add to the hunting experience is undeniable.

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Pnuma Outdoors

Pnuma Outdoors

Pnuma’s story began with a passion for creating gear that hunters can rely on. The brand prides itself on the use of only high-quality materials and attention to detail in design, resulting in apparel that is waterproof, quiet, durable, supportive, and breathable.

What truly makes Pnuma the best hunting clothing brand is its innovative Heated Core system developed to solve the issue of heavy garments with unevenly distributed heat. The series includes a vest, long-sleeve shirt, and long johns, which provide next-to-skin warmth while being lightweight and athletic-fit. Carbon-fiber heating elements are strategically placed to provide warmth where needed most. Also, the garments are easy to use, with a small pocket for the battery, a logo button for changing a heat mode, a three-color LED heat indicator, and a USB output for charging phones.

Pnuma’s camo patterns featured in outer-layer jackets and pants are created with the complexity of animals’ eyesight and color perception in mind, ensuring that hunters remain concealed while hunting.



In the world of game calls, Primos shines the brightest. The brand consistently delivers high-quality products that were designed and tested by hunters, for hunters.

Primo’s turkey call line-up, for example, boasts a plethora of designs, from box calls to mouth calls, but regardless of the build, they all produce realistic sounds that consistently lure the birds right into your range. Primos deer calls and elk calling systems are impressive, easily outperforming other brands’ mediocre attempts at mimicking animal sounds.

One of the standout features of Primos calls is their durability. According to customer reviews, they hold up time and time again, even after multiple hunting seasons.

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Overall, Primos calls are nothing short of fantastic. Its products consistently deliver, and the brand’s commitment to quality shines through in everything they do.

Rig’Em Right

Rig'Em Right

You may be familiar with such waterfowl hunting clothing brands as Banded and Drake, but, you know, clothing is only a fraction of your waterfowl system. For other needs, we highly recommend Rig’Em Right. The brand offers all the necessary accessories for your duck and geese adventures, such as blinds and blind bags, decoy rigging and decoy bags, as well as gear for your canine partner – dog vests and blinds.

One of the standout features of Rig’Em Right gear is functionality. Each and every product is thoughtfully designed to be portable and lightweight and includes features that give hunters and their dogs a tactical advantage. Its large decoy bags with built-in organizers, for instance, help hunters transport a massive amount of decoys with ease, while the three-layer dog vests provide added floatation, warmth, and protection from the brush.

So why do waterfowlers choose Rig’Em Right? The answer is simple: This brand prioritizes quality and affordability. Rig’Em Right gear is built to last, ensuring you’ll be getting your money’s worth out of each purchase.



A knife is a must-have for every hunter as it can be used for a variety of tasks, from gutting an animal to cutting ropes and adjusting gear to defending yourself. So, if you’re on the hunt for the best knife – Spyderco is definitely among the best hunting knife brands. One of the standout qualities of Spyderco’s fixed-blade knives is their materials. They manufacture their knives using high-quality alloys that make blades durable and corrosion-resistance, while the handles are manufactured from non-slip material to ensure maximum grip and handle comfort even when hands are wet or gloved.

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Another reason why Spyderco hunting knives are top-of-the-line is that they are all made for great edge retention. So, when it comes to field dressing, Spyderco knives can easily handle the process, from skinning to boning and gutting. These knives are also incredibly durable and withstand harsh conditions for years. Such quality makes them an investment that is worthwhile for any avid hunter who needs gear they can rely on.


If you are serious about your pursuits, investing in hunting gear from Sitka, Pnuma, Spyderco, RigEm Right, and Primos is an investment in your hunting success. Whether you need a reliable hunting knife, a lightweight heated garment, or a top-of-the-line hunting camo, these brands have you covered. So, don’t settle for subpar gear that could ruin your chance for that trophy animal – prepare well and invest only in top-quality supplies.

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