10 Games Like Void Crew

10 Games Like Void Crew

Written by Kenneth Sawyer, In Games, Updated On
November 30th, 2023

Focus Entertainment and Hutlihut Games present Void Crew, an interstellar space adventure game in which you, an unfortunate maverick, fly to remove the Hallow, a terrifying aggressor. Based on a traditional four-player multiplayer blueprint, the next star-trotting adventure will pit you and your buddies against an elite alien species and your crewmates across the galaxy. Hutlihut Games says, “Embark on the most advanced spacecraft ever built and navigate deep space on thrilling missions you and your crew never trained for!”.

What Is Void Crew?

Hutlihut Games’ four-player co-op adventure, Void Crew, is coming. Its story centers on an interstellar war between the “chosen ones” and the Hallow, an extraterrestrial civilization. You and three other mavericks will fight to the death in the skies. Future pilots may organize a crew, assign responsibilities, and design a spaceship that can survive an interstellar invasion in this PC-only game.

Void Crew


  • Journey to space
  • Face aggressive aliens, asteroid storms, and solar flares.
  • Grouping more than four mavericks
  • Make urgent repairs.
  • Pilot the ship.
  • Using several weapons
  • Feature customization
  • Supports single-player and multiplayer


  • Cooperative mode
  • Open-world game
  • 3D game
  • Colorful game
  • A futuristic game


  • Game crashes occur occasionally
  • Decreases replay value

Similar Games To Void Crew



Action, anime, and shooters were all created by Masangsoft. Rechargeable microvolts. There are a variety of fights to choose from, each with its own unique focus. Pick your own strategy and switch up your weaponry to achieve victory on the battlefield. Snipers, shotguns, grenades, and rifles are all available in the game. Players have a variety of options for weapons at their disposal throughout the game.

The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying

The Lord of the Rings RoleplayingLord of the Rings: Standing Stone Games, LLC produced action-adventure and survival game Roleplaying. This game takes place in Middle-Earth and requires warfare. As a Sauron servant, the player fights others in combat. In addition to combating opponents, the player must harvest crops in fertile areas.

Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI is a Square Enix action-RPG. The player must play Clive Rosfield in this game. This game requires the player to combat adversaries. The player’s goal is to defeat adversaries. Fighting methods, skills, normal attacks, and dodges can defeat adversaries.



One Trick Entertainment created the adventure, survival, and puzzle game Lempo. This game requires players to play Paul-named characters. Paul becomes lost in the evil forest throughout the game and must return to his life before it swallows him. Along with returning home, the player must explore the stories of others stuck in this forest.

Jagged Alliance 3

Jagged Alliance 3

Haemimont Games produced the action-adventure and strategy game Jagged Alliance 3. After the president disappears, Grand Chien is in anarchy, according to the game. As the president disappears, paramilitaries rule the countryside. The player hires mercenaries to find the president in this game.

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew

Shadow Gambit The Cursed Crew

Mimimi Games produced Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew, an action-strategy RPG. This game takes place on the mysterious Lost Caribbean island. The dreadful forces rule the island throughout the game. The player must battle adversaries in this game. There are 8 playable characters, so the player may pick his favorite.

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

Piranha Games is the developer of the action, shooter, and simulation game MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries. released on October 12, 2019. The publisher of it was Piranha Games. Based on expert reviews, MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries gets a Metascore of 73. On RAWG, the game has a “recommended” rating. MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries is available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X. The Xbox Store, GOG, Steam, and Epic Games Store all sell the game.

Space Beast: Terror Fright

Space Beast: Terror Fright

Nornware is the developer of the independent action game Space Beast: Terror Fright. 2022 saw its initial release. Northernware published it. A majority of players gave the game an “exceptional” rating. Space Beast: Terror Fright is available on PC. The game is available on Steam.

Ghost runner 2

Ghost runner 2

One More Level is the developer of the action game Ghostrunner 2. 2023 saw its initial release. 505 Games published the game. Rawgers gave the game an overall “recommended” rating. Ghostrunner 2 is playable on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S/X. Steam and GOG are the game’s retailers. Daniel Deluxe was the game’s scorer.



The independent adventure game Resonance was created by Wadjet Eye Games, MI Matrikel 16, and XII Games. Released on June 18, 2012. Publisher Games-Studieren released it. Resonance’s Metascore, as determined by expert evaluations, is 76. Rawgers gave the game an overall “recommended” rating. Resonance is accessible on Linux, macOS, and PC. The game is available on Steam and GOG. Dave Gilbert produced the piece. Nikolas Sideris was the scorer.


How does the Void Crew work?

First-person sci-fi co-op game with a space theme Void Team: Our easy-to-understand rules let you control your spaceship, fight big space wars, and cause chaos with your friends.

Where do I get to play Void Crew?

Due to the team’s focus on Windows early access, Void Crew is only available on Steam right now. Leave comments here or on Discord to let us know if you want Void Crew to be available on more operating systems or devices. We always have our ears open.

What about the Deck of Steam? Where to play?

We don’t yet let you play Steam Deck. We are a small company that focuses on our community. If there is a following, we can think about adding support for other platforms. As the last question suggested, I’d like to give feedback on Discord. This lets the team figure out what the needs of the community are, which is very important to us.

I have friends all over the world. Play in different areas?

Yes! Cross-region play was not allowed on CBT, but we added it so you can play with anyone. But playing with people from other parts of the world may cause too much ping.

None of my friends care. May I play by myself?

Co-op is the best way to play Void Crew with two to four people. You can play by yourself, but it’s hard because there are no AI crew members.

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