Upgrade The Business by Switching to Minecraft Servers

Upgrade The Business by Switching to Minecraft Servers

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April 28th, 2024

Minecraft servers are business-owned or player-owned multiplayer game servers, mainly for the 2009 Mojang. In this context, the server term often colloquially describes a connected server network rather than just a single machine. Own servers can be started on a computer or set up using software offered by Mojang. Putt, with the help of a hosting provider, they can have their server running on dedicated machines with guaranteed uptime.

Upgrade The Business by Switching to Minecraft Servers


  • For many server owners, managing this server might be a full-time job. Many large servers employ managers, artists, and developer staff. As of 2014, the Shotbow server employed five part-time and three full-time employees.
  • According to the server owner, Matt Sundberg, large server networks are usually costly to run and consume much time. According to the founder of MCGamer, Chas Dunbar, running networks with 1,000 concurrent players costs. This comprises bandwidth, DDoS protection, hardware, and salaries, so monthly expenses might cost dollars or thousands. Dunbar stated that MCGamer has daily players over 50,000 and expenses that might be per month as well.
  • Hypixel expenses as of 2015 were the most prominent server and, per month, nearly $100,000. Several game servers sell cosmetics and are ranked for paying for their expenses.

Notable servers

Hypixel is the most popular Java Edition server, which was introduced in April 2013 and had unique players of over 20 million; meanwhile, approximately half of all Java Edition’s active players themselves. Other famous servers comprise MCGamer, which has a unique player base of over 3.5 million and was released in April 2012. In April 2013, the Wynncraft was released, with over 1 million unique players. In 2011, the Emenbee was introduced and has over 1 million unique players. Servers like Hypixel, Hive Games, Shotbow, and Mineplex, as of 2014, have well-known users, with over a million monthly users, according to the polygon.

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  • Mojang offers Vanilla server software alongside client software. Meanwhile, servers must be updated to support the features offered by new updates. Many distinctive software types of modified servers exist.
  • Typically, modifications comprise optimizations and allow more players to use the server simultaneously, allowing the world’s most considerable portions to be loaded mainly simultaneously. Almost modified software always acts as a base for plug-ins, which might be removed and added to customize server functionality.
  • Typically, these are written in Java, mainly for the Java Edition. However, PHP and JavaScript are used in some software of the Bedrock Edition. For Bedrock, the Vanilla software is made compatible with only Windows and Ubuntu; modifications might be allowed for compatibility addition.
  • The notable plug-in software comprises Sponge, Paper, Spigot, and CraftBukkit for Java and Atlay, Nukkit, Pocketmine-MP, and Jukebox for Bedrock.


It can be concluded that server operators usually control Minecraft servers. They mainly have access to server commands like setting the daytime, setting the world spawn, and teleporting players.

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