Top 15 Math Games for Kids

Top 15 Math Games for Kids

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April 15th, 2024

With the rise of recent events, children have to adapt to quarantines, physical distancing, and school closures. Some kids feel more isolated and bored having to stay and study within the four corners of their house. Given this situation, teachers and parents have to prepare for remote learning. They have to look for resources and ideas that will support the continuity of learning for the student amidst the pandemic. Here, we are discussing the Top 15 Math Games for Kids.

Teaching kids will become easier if you are equipped with suitable activities and techniques. In this article, we’ve picked fun math games designed to teach arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. These math games are just what you need to teach kids what they need to know about math, and the best part is that they will have so much fun while learning.

Math Games NameGame Type
Hopscotch CountOutdoor Game(Best Math Game For Kids)
Math BingoIndoor Game(Top Math Game For Kids)
Paper ClockIndoor Game(Trending Math Game For Kids)
101 And OutIndoor Game(Tricky Math Game For Kids)
Pie FractionsIndoor Game(Most Popular Math Game For Kids)
Colorful Math GardenOutdoor Game(Entertaining Kids Math Games)
Counting Buzz GameIndoor Game(Most Lovable Math Buzz Game For Kids)
Addition DuelIndoor Game(Online Math Game For Kids)
Bundle It Fast!Outdoor Game(Multiplayer Math Game For Kids To Play)
Operation Charadesoutdoor Game(Play At Home Maths Games For Kids)

Top 15 Math Games for Kids

Whether you are teaching them at home or in school, you’ll find a game that is perfect for teaching essential math skills. So, let’s begin our list of the top 15 math games for kids.

  • Hopscotch count(Best math Game For Kids)

Hopscotch count fun math game

This is a fun activity to get kids outside the house. Using a piece of chalk, draw a hopscotch board on the pavement and fill each grid with skip numbers. Kids will hop along, counting by 2s,3s,10s, or whatever they are currently working on. Another fun variation is writing a basic equation on the grid where students have to solve and call out loud what is written on the grid as they hop on each element of the equation. Please give them a simple add-and-subtract equation so that the game won’t take too long.

  • Math Bingo(Top math Game for kids)

Math Bingo math game

This math game has become one of the classic games. Make sure to prepare for a simple prizing a kid shouts; BinBingoou can use this game in whatever skill you want to review your students – addition, subtraction, or skip counting. The game works best like regular binBingoxcept. Kids have to solve basic math equations to know what number to mark on their sheets.

When preparing, have a list of 30 math problems. With the answers, create your 5×5 bingo cards, or you can use an online generator. There should be one bingo card for each student playing. With each round, you need to call out the equation and let the students solve it. Once they find the answer, they have to mark it off their bingo sheet. Students can place pebbles or pennies when marking. You can also choose to laminate the sheets for future use.

  • Paper Clock(Trending Math Game For Kids)

Paper Clock game
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If your students are learning to tell the time, this crafty activity is a great way to practice this significant skill.

Start with a paper plate or a colored paper cut in the shape of a circle. Using a pen or a crayon, let your students write the numbers in the correct order. Use another paper to create the minute hand and the hour hand. Secure the hands by using a split pin from the center. Practice your students by telling a time and allowing them to demonstrate it on the paper clock they made.

  • Pie Fractions(Most Popular Math Game For Kids)


Teaching fractions can be tricky, but this interactive activity helps students visualize the concept.

Have a pretend pizza company where your students are the staff. Each student receives an order form requesting a specific topping in fraction form—for example, ½ pepperoni and ½ cheese. The student will then have to create a pizza using construction paper and decorate the toppings to represent each fraction. With the given example, they should first cut the pizza in halves, cover the first half with pepperoni, and the second half with cheese.

  • 101 and Out(Tricky Math Game For kids)

101 and Out math game

101 and Out’ is a speedy math game to hone your students’ skills. This game requires a sheet of paper, pencil, and dice.

Make your students form groups. Each team takes a turn rolling the dice and then has them add the numbers that will appear in each turn. The team that gets as close as possible to ‘101’ without going over or ‘out’ will be the winner.

As the students roll the dice, they can either take the number as it is or as ten. For example, if a student rolls a 2, they could either take it as two or as 20. This is a fun way to improve your students’ math skills because while they are playing, they form strategies on what number combinations they need to win the game.

  • Colorful math garden(Entertaining Kids with Math Games)


Another math game your students will not only enjoy outdoors but will also unleash their creativity. Have them draw a basic flower with ten petals. Assign each student a number and have them write in each petal the skip count of the designated number until they fill all ten petals.

  • Counting buzz game(Most Lovable Math Buzz Game For Kids)


Buzz game is a thrilling activity that can help you start math class! To play this, you have to choose a number of the day, for example, 7. Have your students form a circle; one child begins to count out loud, “One,” then the next child says, “Two,” continue the count around the circle with each child saying the following number quickly until the number of the day, which in our example is 7, is reached. Instead of saying the number aloud, the child who is in turn has to say the word “Buzz”. The next child starts once again and continues the trend. The goal is to count as fast as possible without making any mistakes.

  • Addition Duel(Online Math Game For Kids)

Addition Duel

For this game, you will need a set of playing cards with the jacks, queens, kings, and jokers removed—aces will be assigned as number 1. Divide the students into groups and have them play against each other. Each team will be given time to solve problems. Whoever solves the most equations is the winner.

The starting point is two decks facing down. The playing group has to form a line. Each student will flip the top cards from each deck, add them, and call out the answer. If the answer is correct, move on to the next person in line. If it is wrong, the cards are returned to the bottom of the pile, and the playing student has to draw again.

  • Bundle it fast! (Multiplayer Math Game For Kids to Play)

Just like any other game, this requires teamwork. Popsicle sticks are placed in the center of the room. Before starting, decide on what the winning number is, for example, 70, 90, or 100. Each group has to roll the dice, the number shown on the dice is the number of popsicles sticks they will take from the pile. When a group accumulates ten sticks, they can bundle these using the elastic band. The first group to reach the winning number, for example, 70, which is seven bundles by ten, is the winner.

  • Operation Charades(Play At Home Maths Games for Kids)

The mechanics are simple: you have to write an essential operation but keep it hidden from the students. For example, 5 + 2 = 7. Students have to guess the operation by asking questions about the number and the mathematical signs. Does it have a number 7? Yes. Does it have a subtraction sign? No. Does it have a number 2? Yes. The first student to guess the exact operation will be the winner.

  • Higher or lower(Easiest Math Game For Child To Play )

This is another guessing number game. First, you have to decide how significant the number will be, either between 0 – 100, 100 to 1,000, and so on. Then, think of a winning number within the category and write it down without telling others. Students take turns in guessing the number and listening to the clues you will give. The only clues you are allowed to provide will be “Higher” if the winning number is higher than the guessed number and “Lower” if the winning number is lower than the guessed number.

  • Grab a Toothpick(Math Game For All Ages Of Kids)

Best of luck, game! Set a winning number—10 or 20 toothpicks. Each player, while blindfolded, takes turns grabbing as many toothpicks as possible close to the winning number. Count the toothpicks grabbed. Whoever holds the nearest or the exact number of toothpicks wins.

  • Back to back(Competitive Math Game For Kids)

Unleash your student’s competitive side with this activity. Just make sure that the ones competing against each other are at the same skill level.

Have a pair of students stand back to back beside the blackboard with chalk in hand. A third student will require each competitor to write whatever number they want within a specific range. The third student will then call out loud the sum, difference, or product of the two numbers combined. With this information, a competitor wins by guessing the other’s number first.

  • Lego subtraction(Best Indoor Math Game For Kids of All Ages)

rsz_lego_subtraction (1)

Lego bricks are so versatile that they can also be used in learning math concepts. The Lego subtraction game is played by stacking up a tower, rolling a dice, taking that number of blocks from the tower, and then counting how many are left. Depending on the math skills of the student, adjust the number of blocks accordingly.

After each turn, let the students practice saying the equation out loud. For example, “I started with ten bricks. I took off 3, and now I have 7.”

  • Math games online

Top 15 Math Games for KidsTop 15 Math Games for Kids

Bring learning about math fun. If you have limited resources and space to host interactive games, there are many fun online math games you could try. Easy-to-access math online games make learning math quite an adventure. The students might not even notice that they are studying. Modern technology has introduced genius math skill-building activities for kids within a few clicks.

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