The Last Spell: A Journey To A Word Of Magic and Tactics

The Last Spell: A Journey To A Word Of Magic and Tactics

Written by Kenneth Sawyer, In Games, Published On
November 4, 2023

As a boomer, I enjoy classic games, retro-inspired games, and fresh incarnations of beloved franchises (not “remastered” yet). Roguelite, RPG, Pixel Graphics, and Turn-Based Strategy made The Last Spell appealing to me.

A unique and entertaining tactical game The console version receives updates slower than the PC version. Differences are significant (at writing).
Customizable heroes and playstyles Poor nights snowball, making it nearly hard to recover a run.
Free-form turn-based fighting rocks. Production has a clear optimal build order for the first several waves.
Solid progression Boss bouts that don’t follow a wave curve increase difficulty significantly
Feel turn-based and rapid.
Great boss fights
High replay value

The Last Spell—What’s It About?

the last spell

Ishtar Games (previously CCCP) created The Arcade Crew, Gamera Games, and Dangen Entertainment published The Last Spell. After being in early access since June 2021, it’s officially available. The narrative is a classic “fight the evil forces” cliche found in most RPGs. When evil strikes your village, you fight back to reveal the tale as you defeat it. Tower Defense and Apocalypse Survival are included.

The Last Spell: How Complex?

I like the game’s detail. Micro- and macro-town administration is possible in many ways. Your city grows economically and fortifies its defenses using several resources. Heroes have perks and weapons with distinct powers and several attributes to push for as you level them. You will have the ability to respond to varied scenarios as time passes and must decide where to take your heroes. I spent the initial hours studying mechanics, reading works of varying skills, and… I sacrificed many citizens and communities in my “Trial and Error” studies (#TrustTheProcess).

My Post-Play Experience

For a strategy-based RPG player, which is what we play, I’ve made some in-game progress after a year and a half. After defeating opponents, heroes receive experience points (XP) to level up, improve stats, and unlock new abilities. Better gear and spells help heroes develop. Better armor and spells boost your heroes’ combat power. Developing your tower helps you progress in-game. Increasing the central hub, blacksmith, infirmary, defenses, and resources also helps expansion.

Each wave brings increasingly powerful and numerous foes. The game gets harder as you survive and progress through waves, forcing you to change your strategy and upgrade your heroes and defenses. Heroes die forever in “The Last Spell”. A hero lost in battle is lost for the game. This lasting consequence hinders your advancement and requires hero recruitment and training.

The complexity of Last Spell

the last spell

I enjoy game detail. Many methods exist for micro- and macro-town administration. Multiple resources help your city flourish economically and fortify its defenses. Hero perks and weapons have unique abilities and traits to achieve as you level them. You can adapt to different situations and choose where to take your heroes.

The Last Spell: Good Soundtrack?

Metal dominates the OST, as expected. I was immediately drawn to the DOOM-inspired main menu theme. There are 25 varied-length tunes that won’t bore you.

How long is the game, and is Last Spell worth buying?

I checked up speedruns for the Early Access game, and skilled players can finish it in 8–10 hours. I have 15 hours on Steam and am halfway done. I recommend it if this genre interests you, given its Steam price. At present, 91% of Steam reviews are positive. Why not 100% positive? The Last Spell’s issue

Thing To Remember About The Last Spell

the last spell

Although I liked the game, it might be very grindy. In roguelite games, dying preserves certain elements that will improve your next run, but if the grind becomes too tedious, it becomes a chore and ceases to be entertaining. Despite playing numerous roguelites recently, this was the only one that exhausted me. I’m guessing most players can only fit in one or two runs per day. I’ll finish the game, but I need time.

Dear reader, if you have time to play The Last Spell and adore roguelites, you’ll love it. The game has a tutorial and a checklist on the left edge of the screen to help you remember important information each turn, but there are too many mechanics to master on your own. Although detailed and complicated, Ishtar Games may have taken it too far. The game doesn’t include pay-to-win microtransactions, so you have to work hard as in the “good ol’ days.”


  • Can “The Last Spell” be played multiplayer?

 Cooperative multiplayer lets users team up with peers to overcome problems.

  • What are “The Last Spell” win conditions?

   Protecting the Last Spell is the main goal. Protecting the Last Spell from all monster waves wins the game. The game ends if the Last Spell is destroyed.

  • What happens when a gaming hero dies?

   Heroes lost in battle are lost for the game. Heroes must be recruited and trained to replace them.

  • What are the benefits of town upgrades?

 Players can upgrade town buildings with resources. Upgrades can boost equip quality, heal injured heroes, increase resource generation, and other defense benefits.

  • Does “The Last Spell” support mods?

Modding lets players develop and share custom content, extending the game’s lifespan.

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