Technology-Enhanced Solution to Secure Gaming Industry

Technology-Enhanced Solution to Secure Gaming Industry

Written by Moli Mishra, In Games, Published On
October 1, 2021

As time flew by, console-oriented and mobile-based gaming businesses got significantly popular. But due to digitalization, the online gaming enterprise appears to be a rapidly progressing business that has come up with healthy opportunities for both gamers as well as imposters. The online gaming websites also have to facilitate monetary transactions but as such businesses don’t fall under the category of financial corporations; this isn’t obliged to cope with the Bank Secrecy act.

Whereas digital gaming businesses are striving to watch the financial activities while not complying with the KYC/AML regulations the digital gaming platforms are experiencing a load of identity and financial crimes. Therefore, digital gaming platforms are obliged to employ know your player compliance in order to secure their interest as well as their integrity.

Identity Verification – Significance in Online Gaming Space

Digital platforms providing gaming services are facing identity theft as well as monetary losses. For the gaming industry, it’s getting difficult to identify the actual identities of the gamers through which frauds like money laundering, drug trafficking, and terrorist funding are taking place at large. In order to eliminate such suspicious happenings from the system,  online game verification with KYC is becoming necessary along with the anti-money laundering compliance that will allow the gaming business to determine the true identities of players before enrolling them.

No doubt, know your player compliance promises utmost fraud detection and guarantees that only legitimate gamers are on the platform. Players’ identity is validated with strict identity checks, which enables the business to authenticate the personally identifiable information of the gamer along with the government-issued identity documents that eventually fulfill the regulatory obligation. The automated solutions to conduct Identity Verification for online gaming utilizes the acquired information to screen players against global financial crime databases, watchlists, and PEPs list for utmost fraud prevention.  Additionally,  with anti-money laundering background checks, potentially high-risk entities are flagged and categorized according to their risk levels.

By deploying such identity verification systems the online gaming platform can keep an eye on the players’ activities and can also monitor clients’ financial transactions. These efforts are all set to secure the online gaming space.

Gaming Industries- The Hub of Money Launderers

The criminal activist owning the illegal capitals continually in search of ways in order to turn illicit wealth into legal money or in some cases imposters attempt to dump money gaming from illegitimate sources. Financial criminals now are deliberately using the gaming platforms to launder money cross-border and are also easily investing such capital in various schemes. Gaming businesses have various loopholes and don’t comply with the regulation such that the fraudsters and money laundering are using such space for their own giants.

Financial fraudsters are spending their illicit capital in digital gaming coins and gaining online gaming valuables in order to launder funds without getting tracked. The law-making bodies have presented know your player as well as anti-money laundering regulations that are well capable of fighting such unusual activities. Therefore, the digital gaming and gambling industry are bound to comply with the regulatory compliance to enhance their security measures.

The Potency  Of KYP and Age verification in the gaming industry

  • From authenticating the gamers’ real identities to verifying the ID documents, originality is now attainable as AI-powered identity validating systems are circulating in the market. Because of such solutions the gaming industry can protect the players’ identity as well as could become trustworthy.
  • The digital gaming and gambling industry has become capable of improving their security matters while enhancing the gamers’ experience by undergoing aml gaming that assures flawless gamers’ enrolment and also monitors the players’ financial activities precisely
  • With tech-driven know your player verification systems the digital gaming businesses can satisfy regulatory compliance while not affecting the gamers’ experience.
  • Such identity verification solutions are loaded with the feature of facial biometric technology as well as age authenticating checks. Thus ​​Age and Identity Verification Solutions for Online Gaming are getting a necessity 

Key Takeaways 

With the digitalization in the gaming industry and with the new emerging trends, such businesses have the power to expand enormously. No doubt, the gaming industry will definitely pave healthy opportunities for digital gamers in the near future. The online gaming industry is obliged to deploy know your player identity verification systems in order to eliminate the rising number of identity theft as well as financial crimes. Moreover, such systems fulfill the regulatory requirements to protect the gaming business from bans and hefty fines. Gaming platforms embracing AML gaming laws are effectively combating the fraudsters so that money laundering could be eliminated from the gaming space. 

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