Fortitude of the new nightborne armor: Review

Fortitude of the new nightborne armor: Review

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May 9th, 2024

The Fortitude of the Nightborne Armor Set is an excellent choice if you want a set of Nightborne armour that will make people take notice. This armour set is very reasonably priced for how good it is, and it comes with many extras that make it well worth the money. In this blog, we will read everything about the grit of the new nightborne armour.

What is the Fortitude of the Nightborne Armor Set?

Armor TypePlate
Armor SlotFull Set
MaterialNightborne Alloy
Weight60 pounds (approx.)
Set Bonuses
2-Piece Bonus+15% Max Health
4-Piece Bonus+10% Damage Reduction
6-Piece Bonus+20% Magic Resistance
Special AbilityNightfall Cloak: Grants invisibility for 15 seconds once per hour.
Weight ClassHeavy Armor
Required Level70

In World of Warcraft, you can get the grit of the new nightborne armour set. It’s the third piece of armour for the nightborne race to come out, and it helps restore energy and damage spells. As part of “The Nighthold” patch 7.3.5, the set became available on November 15, 2017.

How do I get the Fortitude of the Nightborne Armor Set?

If you want to get the grit of the new Nightborne Armor Set, you can do so in three different ways. The first way is to buy the set from a shop within the game. The second way to get it is as a reward from a quest. The last way is to make it yourself.

How do you use the Fortitude of the Night Borne Armor Set?

If you’ve been dying to get your hands on the grit of the new Nightborne Armor Set, now is the time! The armour set has a complete set of clothes, a helmet, and shoes that both Horde and Alliance players can use.

Here’s a guide to using these things:

  1. The clothing set for Alliance players comes with a basecoat, shirt, leggings, and boots. Put this set on and choose “Use As Battle Pet” to use it. This will put the items on your pet in the tab for your pet.
  2. The clothing set for Horde players comes with a basecoat, shirt, pants, and boots. You must put it on to use this set and choose “Use As Warlord’s Argus.” This will put the items on your character in your Warlord’s Argus window.
  3. Equip this item and choose “Use As Headgear” to use it. This will make the helmet available in your headgear slot.

The Fortitude of the nightborne armour set has six effects

Each set’s six effects, “fortitude of the new nightborne armour,” is different.

  • The first effect, “Fortitude,” increases your stamina by 10% and lasts 15 minutes.
  • You can also use Swiftness, which lasts 30 seconds and goes along with the fortitude effect.
  • This will make it 20% faster for you to move, the same as driving 30% more quickly.
  • If you also get a 5% faster movement speed from other sources, your total gain would be 5 + 0 = 5%. (such as Azerite characteristics or abilities).
  • Regeneration is another feature of this set. It is a benefit of the armour that reduces incoming damage by 3%.

The Fortitude of the Nightborne Armor Set is a popular pick.

fortitude of the niight armor set

People also like the strength and the Fortitude of the new nightborne armour. This set gives the player a unique look. The only way to get it in Antorus: The Burning Throne is to finish the Fortitude quest. To get the Fortitude set, you will need an Essence of Night. The essence of Night can be found in Argus’s and emissary caches. If you want to wear this gear, you should be at least level 110.

Fortitude Of The Nightborne is a set of armour that makes the wearer stronger, more durable, and smarter. Also, this set gives the person who wears it a chance to defend against three enemies within 8 yards. Also, when three enemies are nearby, the damage you take is cut by 30%.

Moreover, the grit of the new nightborne armour also has a great bonus: it gives you 5% more health. When fighting powerful enemies, this is a big help. Strong people who want to stay healthy should wear this set of armour. It also helps your mana and stamina come back faster. This is the best piece of armour that Night Elves can get. It can only be used once a player has reached level 110 and finished all The Nightfallen quests. It also gives several benefits, such as shorter cooldowns for abilities and more health at the max level.

The Fortitude of the Nightborne Armor Set is essential.

The Fortitude of the Nightborne Armor Set is a critical piece of gear because it gives players more protection and resistance. This armour set was made for nightborne characters, often attacked by enemies because of their unique skills and looks. The group protects against all kinds of damage, which is especially helpful for nightborne characters who rely on magic to stay alive.

The Fortitude of the Nightborne Armor Set is a minigame armour set you can get as a reward from the new Spring Festival event. There is a complete set of armour and a shield in the background.

These are the stats for the armour set:

  • Guard: 252 Guard Rating
  • Shield: 128 Score for Shield

The grit of the new nightborne armour rating and the shield rating of the Fortitude of the Night-borne Armor Set is very high.

Pros of Nightborne Armour Set Fortitude:

World of Warcraft armour sets like Fortitude of the Nightborne are often neglected. This set has various advantages that make it worth examining. Most importantly, the set bonus boosts maximum health by 5%. This is a considerable boost that can save lives in severe situations. Additionally, each piece of gear has a unique power that can help in certain situations. The helmet lets you cast a spell every 20 seconds, while the gloves allow you to dodge melee assaults. Finally, all items are Bind on Equip so that you may customize them.

Cons of Nightborne Armour Set Fortitude:

New and robust armour sets have been launched for Battle for Azeroth to assist players in combatting the Horde. Players who have finished The Nightfallen quest chain and reached level 110 can get the Fortitude of the Nightborne gear. Before equipping this set, examine its pros and downsides. The Fortitude of the Nightborne set increases damage to foes below 50% health, armour value, and Blood Elf Disguise and Arcane Torrent cooldowns. It also passively boosts maximum health by 5%.

This set lacks a helmet; therefore, you must find or make one. Another drawback is that Nightborne armour does not increase damage, which may deter some gamers.

How does the Nightborne Armour Set Stand Out?

The excellent Nightborne armour set from World of Warcraft is new. Being made of sleek black and brilliant violet materials, it looks fantastic. This set is ideal for people seeking a powerful and formidable ensemble. Its broad collection gives you many alternatives to customize your character’s look. Wearing the complete Nightborne armour set or mixing and matching it with other things allows for unlimited style combinations. The interesting Veil of Dreams item transforms your appearance completely. If you want to stand out, get the Nightborne armour set. Its unique style makes you stand out in any outfit.


Ninja Minions can now get their hands on the new Fortitude of the Night-Borne armour set. This armour set has many great pieces to make your minions even more robust in battle. The armour set comes with a helmet, chest plate, leggings, and boots to dress up your army of minions in style. Check out the grit of the new Nightborne armour set right now to see how strong your minions can be.


What Is The Nightborne Armour Set’s 20 Tier of Fortitude (Item Level 785)?

The 20-tier Fortitude of the Nightborne Armour Set (Item Level 785) is dynamic and unique. All Highborne, Blood Elf, and nightborne communities are affected. It protects you during fighting and pursuing.

What is Nightborne Armour Set 7230 Fortitude Armour?

7230 plate mail set is unique and strong. Its strength and longevity surpass conventional armor frameworks. Nightborne fighters may win long-term with this Fortitude of the Nightborne Armour Set (Item Level 785). Though pricey, this masterwork includes security-resisting enemies from various races.

What is a nightborne armor fortitude speciality?

Nightborne armor has healing power. Relief from injuries will cure soldiers. Armour protects you from physical harm.

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