Best Black CSGO Skins

Best Black CSGO Skins

Written by Sophie Robertson, In Games, Updated On
April 28th, 2023

In addition to the opportunity to realize themselves at a professional level, the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive provides the target audience and a lot of additional features. One of them is the purchase and sale of skins. Many players are making good money on this, as well as a clear understanding of what design will be relevant in the coming days. CSGO Skins to Cash can be purchased on the Steam marketplace, or on specialized trading sites.

Black CSGO Skins Overview :

Black skins are not very popular among the target audience, but players still purchase them. Especially if the user likes the gloomy atmosphere. If we talk about the best skins of this color, we should note:

AK-47 Slate.

Perhaps the most popular black skin available today. Popular with terrorists, the assault rifle is completely painted in black, which looks cool and expressive. Overall, the price of the weapon is quite adequate and starts at 2.3 USD. The design appeared relatively recently, namely in 2021.

USP-S Ticket to Hell.

Sometimes you want to show your potential already on the pistol round. This skin will be the perfect solution. The starting weapon of the counter-terrorists has a lot of inscriptions associated with shooting and hell theme. It appeared in early 2022. Many players purchase this item just because of its price, which is $0.39 USD.

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AWP Elite Build.

Traditionally, it is the AWP in Counter Strike Global Offensive that generates the highest prices. Accordingly, players are trying to find the best option, among which the design of Elite Build catches the eye immediately. The sniper rifle is painted in a dark gray color, although some elements in it are yellow. The design was released in February 2016. Pricing starts at $7.10 USD.

M9 Bayonet Black Laminate.

Traditionally, it is the knives in CS:GO that have the highest cost. For fans of the gothic theme, the Bayonet, painted in matte black, will seem ideal. The price for it can scare off most players, because it starts from the price of 360 USD. Amateurs and professionals have been buying it on the Steam marketplace for more than six years.

M4A1-S Dark Water.

If we talk about this machine, most players are used to the fact that the skins are painted in bright colors, and therefore evoke positive emotions in gamers. However, the design of Dark Water is in a completely different style. Visually it is similar to the camouflage coloring. On some elements you can notice a gradient of gray color. The price for the skin starts at 47.5 USD. It was released on August 14, 2013.

AWP Graphite.

Another dark skin on the most popular rifle in the CS series. If we talk about monotone variants, Graphite has no real rivals. The design is perfect for any location, be it Dust 2 or Overpass. At the same time, it should be noted a rather high price, namely 144 USD. You can buy this weapon skin since 2013.

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Desert Eagle Conspiracy.

This gun itself looks very powerful and authoritative. Accordingly, flashy skins don’t seem to be the best solution. The author of Conspiracy decided to make the weapon completely black and was absolutely right. The price for it is as adequate as possible and starts at 5 USD. It first appeared on July 1, 2014.


Lately, the number of attractive dark skins is getting bigger and bigger. Against the background of bright locations, these types of weapons immediately attract attention and cause genuine interest. An obvious plus here is the relatively low price and minimalist nature.


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