Sony WI-C100: An Honest Review

Sony WI-C100: An Honest Review

Written by Kenneth Sawyer, In Gadgets, Published On
November 27, 2023

Sony WI-C100, a new low-end neckband in the company’s C Series, was released not too long ago. This choker is being sold for the low price of Rs 1,699. For the same reason that so many others share, neckbands have long had a special place in my heart. They’re more convenient than the TWS earbuds, which require you to connect them each time you want to use them and then store them away when you’re done.  Sony has produced various audio equipment that I have evaluated, and each one has been excellent. It would be intriguing to find out what features Sony includes in a product of this pricing range. Then, let’s not dally and get started.

Sony WI-C100 Specs

Frequency Rate20Hz to 20,000Hz
Driver9mm dynamic driver
Bluetooth range10 m
Bluetooth version5.0
Playback time25 hours
Charging portUSB Type-C
Weight20 grams

What Is In The Box?

The box itself contains the standard operating instructions and some additional ear tips in case the medium-sized ones provided need to be swapped out. And then you’ll get your neckband; I went with black, but you can also have it in blue, white, or taupe. That’s it; the only other thing in the box is the inevitable question of where to find the charging cord. Sony should have included a charging cord at this pricing point, but all you can do is make sure you have a Type-C cable on hand.


Sony WI-C100

The review’s first and arguably most crucial section is here: we move on to the fitting and the design. Sony decided to use a flexible base instead of a neckband for the neckband-style headphones. They weigh almost nothing, making it easy to tote them about all day. A button on the neckband’s left side allows you to adjust the volume and turn the headphones on and off. Sony’s logo appears on the right side of the screen. The LED indicator for pairing and charging is also on the left edge. The Features section will elaborate on this topic. After over six hours of continuous use, I can attest that I experienced no discomfort in my ears.

Controls and Interactions

Sony WI-C100

The truly remarkable feature of these headphones is their compatibility with any device with Bluetooth connectivity. The device supports straightforward Bluetooth pairing with a mobile device. The Sony headphones app, found on the Google Play Store, allows for even more customising options. According to my testing, the app gives you full control over the audio settings to help you create a unique listening experience. The programme also provides a tutorial on making the most of your headset to streamline the procedure. The buttons used to adjust the volume also function as skip buttons. In addition, the earphones have a pairing mode that can be activated by holding the power button for a few seconds.

Any USB Type-C charger will work to power it up. The earbuds contain a quick-pair function that makes it easy to link them to a computer. The distance between us proved to be a huge obstacle. When you leave the vicinity of the linked device, the earbuds decelerate immediately. Aside from that, I have no issues with the neckband’s connectivity or controls.

High-Quality Audio

Sony WI-C100

The earphone’s sound quality is the most crucial feature. Because it is a crucial factor in determining whether or not to purchase the gadget. I began the trip with the fundamentals, including the playing of a few of my favourite tunes. The audio optimisation of the device is a selling feature in this case because even at the maximum level, you will not experience any unpleasant sensation. But there are two sides to every story, and based on my personal experience with a variety of gadgets, I can attest that their audio quality varies widely.

Even so, the best results are typical. Turning on DSEE mode in the app’s companion drastically improves the experience. Sony’s DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) setting significantly enhances the sound quality. It should be enabled all the time; after that came the true audio testing phase when I started listening to Ride The Lightning by Warren Zeiders. Without a doubt, the audio was decent, and the beats were clear and sharp. Not only that, but these are the only inexpensive headphones that have ever produced such silky-smooth audio during phone calls. Input and output audio quality are both superb. No dropped calls or sluggish performance were noticed on our end.


Sony WI-C100

Who on Earth Wouldn’t Want to Leave Their Earbuds In for Hours? In reality, nobody. Sony has eliminated the need for you to look for a charging port constantly. Sony claims that the WI C100 neckband earphones have a battery life of 25 hours on a single charge. However, when used often, the device lasted an average of 21 hours and a few minutes. The icing on the cake is that charging the headphones is a breeze. You may listen to your couple of long playlists without any issues after charging them for 15 to 20 minutes.

Long-lasting batteryPoor sizing causes discomfort when sleeping down
A quick chargeThe quality of sound varies depending on the medium.
Help with Quick Pairs
Workplace ergonomics


In sum, we can confidently recommend the Sony WI C100 earphones to anyone shopping on a budget without sacrificing sound quality. Regarding comfort, opinions are divided; the neckband-style earbuds are well-liked while seated, but they cause a lot of discomfort when lying down or engaging in physical activity. The IPX4 grade ensures they are safe from various potential hazards. Throw this Sony away if you’re in search of ease and relaxation. But if you’re an audiophile who demands the finest sound quality, don’t hesitate.


Can Sony WI-C100 connect numerous devices?

The headset supports several pairings but only plays music from one.

Does Sony WI-C100 suppress noise?

Sony WI-C100 employs Bluetooth 5 for low-latency communication. The earbuds enable Dolby Atmos with a Sony WLS-NS7 wireless transmitter and Bravia XR TV. Moreover, earphones lack active noise cancellation.

How long does Sony WI-C100 play?

Long-lasting 25-hour battery. Connect wirelessly to your smartphone for uninterrupted listening.

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