Lenovo Thinkpad E585: Review

Lenovo Thinkpad E585: Review

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April 21, 2023

Are you sick of your laptop dying too quickly? Are you looking for a high-quality laptop at a reasonable price? Then you’ve come to the right place. You must need this Lenovo ThinkPad E585 laptop. It’s been praised by everyone. Everyone you talk to will recommend this line of laptops. One of the most reliable and long-lasting of Lenovo’s ThinkPad laptops is this one. Imagine being seen using this laptop at the office by your coworkers. It’ll be irresistible to everyone who sees it.

Who says using a laptop requires working in the harsh glare of a window?

The laptop’s exterior has a matte appearance. There is no longer any distracting sunlight. You will fall in love with the Lenovo Thinkpad E585 for numerous reasons. Its size is rather manageable. This laptop is thin and light, so you can throw it in any bag and go. High-definition video and images are supported via its HDMI input. It’s priced so cheaply that you can’t miss out on it. You may get your hands on a sleek black Lenovo Thinkpad E585. The Ryzen 3 CPU is installed. The operating system is Windows 10. This laptop is fantastic for both work and entertainment. The battery lasts for a long time, around 8 or 9 hours.

Lenovo Thinkpad E585 Specifications

Series AMD Ryzen 5 2500U
OS Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Screen Size 15.6 inches
Battery Integrated Li-ion 45Wh
Display Resolution 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Memory 8GB DDR4
AMD Radeon Vega 8 AMD Radeon Vega 8


  • Stylish metal exterior design
  • Positive results throughout the board
  • Sufficient space for storing
  • Has a number of USB-A and USB-C ports
  • Superior trackpad engineering
  • Full High-Definition quality
  • Cost-effective for your size


  • Battery life is far worse than claimed.
  • Superior in size and weight to competing brands
  • Heavy players should look elsewhere.


Lenovo Thinkpad E585

The E585 is a laptop with a 15.6-inch screen and a matte finish. The resolution is 3840 by 2160 (4K) on the diagonal, with a 16:9 aspect ratio. It has an Intel Core i7 processor and an Intel UHD Graphics 620 integrated graphics card. The laptop ships with 8GB of RAM and supports memory upgrades of up to 32GB. The Thinkpad E585 has a variety of connectivity choices, including two USB Type-C connectors, an HDMI port, an RJ-45 Ethernet jack, and a set of jacks for headphones and a microphone. If you don’t have much room on your desk for extra speakers or headphones, you’ll appreciate the fact that the keyboard deck includes two speakers conveniently located towards the front edge.

High-definition video recording is possible thanks to the webcam’s 720p resolution, though I suggest switching to another device whenever possible due to its worse image quality (especially smartphones). In addition to the password entry field, the touchpad also has a fingerprint scanner built right into it. Simply push down on the scanner before typing in your password, and the computer will know exactly who was using the keyboard (s).


Lenovo Thinkpad E585

The Lenovo Thinkpad E585 features a 15.6-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS panel with a 16:9 aspect ratio and up to 400 nits of brightness. The display is scratch-resistant and has wide viewing angles thanks to the Corning Gorilla Glass on top. The Intel UHD Graphics 620 processor is included in the laptop to handle graphical tasks like gaming and media playback. But if you’re after a smooth gaming experience or high-resolution visuals, you won’t be able to do so due to its lack of dedicated RAM.

Keyboard and Mouse

Lenovo Thinkpad E585

The Thinkpad’s keyboard is ergonomic and features a number pad and a mouse button. Although there are probably better keyboards out there, buyers have few complaints about this one and find it to be a good value. The Lenovo Thinkpad E585’s trackpad is the nicest part of the laptop. It has a synaptic trackpad for precise tracking. The huge surface area facilitates mouse movement, and the responsiveness to a click from a single button is excellent. The outside quality also contributes to the simplicity of cursor movement.

Webcam and Microphone

The Lenovo Thinkpad E585 outshines similarly priced laptops in terms of audio and video quality. Its high-definition camera can capture clear images even in dim lighting. Because of this, it’s perfect for video conferencing and streaming because its colors are always spot-on. A dual-array microphone is also integrated for lessening the effects of both echo and keyboard noise.

Lenovo’s built-in Dolby Advanced Audio ensures high-quality audio, even at maximum volume, with no audible distortion. Reviews from customers, however, have noted that it is a somewhat weak bass speaker. The audio jack on this laptop doubles as a microphone jack.

Powered-Up Time

Lenovo Thinkpad E585

Although Lenovo claims the battery life can last up to 8.5 hours, in practice, it lasts far less than that. For instance, if you watch a movie for an hour, it will use up about 15% of your battery. Using the included 65-watt charger, you can get an hour’s worth of juice back into the battery. Screen brightness can be adjusted to improve performance and extend battery life. Dimming the screen to between 80% and 85% can drastically cut battery life to less than 8 hours. According to ratings and feedback from customers, the battery lasts for about 4.5 hours.

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