Epos H6Pro Wired Headset Review

Epos H6Pro Wired Headset Review

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Headset, Published On
April 9, 2023

The Epos H6Pro Wired Headset has a lot of competition in the middle of the market. The H6Pro has all the essentials for a superb gaming headset, including a high-quality microphone, soft ear cushions, and crisp, powerful sound. But you must make a crucial decision if you want to purchase an H6Pro for personal use. The audio quality of the closed version is marginally lower, but it effectively cancels out background noise and leaks to a considerably lesser extent. That makes them ideal for usage in the great outdoors, on the go, or in a hectic household.

Even better, the Epos H6Pro works with every OS out there! The wired headset is compatible with all platforms, including PS5, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox, Wii, PC, and Nintendo 64. You may rest easy knowing that any version of the headset will work with your preferred platform.

Epos H6Pro Wired Headset Specifications

Driver Type42mm Neodymium
Frequency Rate20 – 20,000 Hz
Impedance28 Ohms
ConnectivityPC cable (2 meters), Console cable (1.5 meters)
Price$179 / £149
ColoursGreen, White and Black


  • Ideal for marathon gaming sessions
  • excellent acoustic reproduction
  • Good-looking layout
  • Interchangeable wires


  • Mic divider can be annoying.
  • Overpriced for the value offered


Epos H6Pro Wired Headset

When it comes to the Epos H6Pro Wired Headset’s usability and aesthetics, Epos scores highly. While being made primarily of plastic, the headset has a satisfying sense of durability, and the padded headband and plush cloth-covered earcups contribute greatly to the headset’s extraordinary comfort despite its low weight of 0.68 pounds.

After using a number of different headsets over the past several years, I can safely say that the H6Pros are the most relaxing and secure headphones I’ve ever worn. The closed-back variant, at 0.71 pounds, is heavier than the open-back version because it uses a more substantial, sound-blocking material on the outside sides of the earcups and a different fabric on the earpieces. The Epos H6Pro is an appealing headset in its ghost-white finish, despite its relatively hefty design when compared to other options. The headset is offered in sparking black, racing green, and other colours (with gold and black accents).

Audio Performance

Epos H6Pro Wired Headset

The bass is quite substantial. The bass isn’t overbearing, but it’s more present than in my usual daily drivers, the Sennheiser Momentum 3 and the Anker Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro earphones (all of which are fantastic). Even with the added bass, the H6Pro I tested (an open-backed version) just wasn’t that loud. I had to turn the headset up to a level that was comfortable for my ears while I worked in a very quiet room with some afternoon noise on the street outside. Thus, if you’re in a noisy place or you just like your headphones loud, you could be disappointed with the loudness.

Structure and Obtainability

Epos H6Pro Wired Headset

The Epos H6Pro Wired Headset features a simple appearance that’s actually rather attractive. Green, white, and black are available in both open- and closed-back styles (which are actually closer to an indigo shade). There is no functional difference between the colours; therefore, your decision is based completely on personal preference. You can pick a headset depending on its price, its features, or even its colour to match your preferred system. The form factor of the two Epos H6Pro variants is remarkably similar. The open-back style has an extra feature: perforated pads.

Over time, these will help keep your ears cooler. But, as was previously discussed, this has the drawback of allowing sound to leak out into your surroundings and amplifying ambient noise. The closed-back model lacks these supplemental air vents. While this does a good job of blocking out ambient noise, it might make your ears feel warm after prolonged use.

Clarity of Sound And Whats In The Box

Epos H6Pro Wired Headset

The Epos H6Pro, whether in its open-back or closed-back iteration, provides a satisfying and comprehensive listening experience. The sound is very clear, and the bass is emphasized for more impact. The open-back H6Pro strikes a good middle ground here; however, as was said up above, it’s best experienced in silence.

The bass of the H6Pro’s closed-back design is more emphasized than in its open-back counterpart. This really brings out the best in genres like metal and EDM. However, this can make the soundscape less clear as the low frequencies have a tendency to overpower the midrange and high frequencies. Aside from the subtle but noticeable variances between each model, which boil down to personal preference, the H6Pro’s audio engineering leaves little room for criticism. At its price point, it is among the very best options available.


The Epos H6Pro Wired Headset is an attractive and comfortable headset. It’s primarily plastic, but the headset seems sturdy and high-quality, and it fits my medium-sized head securely and comfortably for long periods of time. If you don’t mind a little extra bass, the H6Pro sounds terrific as well. If you prefer things incredibly loud, the maximum volume setting might not be enough. You’ll need to have your own EQ-editing software if you wish to make any changes.

The H6Pro isn’t up to par with the top gaming headphones because of its subpar mic performance and expensive asking price for basically boring standard features. They’re not for everyone, but they’re a good option if you dig the design, need a snug pair of headphones, and don’t mind a little extra bass.

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